GungHo Online Entertainment announced new multiplayer brawler Ninjala for the Nintendo Switch over the E3 weekend. We got a smidge of the gum-based gameplay footage in the E3 Nintendo Direct. This is not that footage, but it’s longer and a full teaser trailer. So Enjoy:

The gameplay reminds me a little bit of Power Stone’s open, interactive world brawling except without any transformations. The graphics and overall design aesthetic are pretty reminiscent of Splatoon, so it’s got a lot to live up to in terms of games it reminds me of. Still, it looks fast and fun, even though it’s kind of gross getting covered in ABC gum. No word if Babymetal is doing the full soundtrack or if that’s just for the teaser. It fit the teaser perfectly, though, so hopefully whoever’s doing the music is paying attention. No definitive release date was announced, but look for it in Spring 2019.