Godly Corp
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : TR8 Torus Studios
Published By : Ultimate Games
Category : Simulation, Puzzle
Release Date : Apr 4, 2019

Do you find yourself wishing you could control worlds at a time? Are you capable of completing a series of menial yet also complex tasks? Is your tentacle always getting in the way of your job? If you answered yes to all of these questions then boy is there a job for you! If you didn’t…well, come down anyways and fill out an application! Godly Corp on the Nintendo Switch puts you in a intern level position at the company which shares the same name as the game, and sees you doing all of the things you might or might not have said “yes” to.

After signing off on your application, and deciding how efficient you can be at running worlds (read as : Setting your difficulty) you’ll find yourself sitting behind your very own desk ready to control some worlds. It’s not an easy task, and the “how” changes with every world, since each one is unique in the things that you’ll need to do in order to run them.

From your desk, you’ll be able to see and do everything you need as each planet is brought to you and you are given a task or two you’ll need to perform. To say that the game’s levels start off easy and increase in difficulty, doesn’t feel all that accurate. Rather, the tasks you are required to complete become more complex.

No matter what your planet projects need, there are some things that will remain a constant in your office. Across from your desk on the opposite wall is a giant television screen, this is where any and all pertinent information is displayed. Anything that is tutorial related, or even relative to your task at hand such as a position on a planet that needs some attention. On your desk is a small joystick, this will end up spinning your current planet project. Lastly, also on the opposite wall just next to the screen is a plastic-covered “Start” button that you’ll need to press when you’re ready to begin the next job. Godly Corp is polite enough to allow you some practice time before some projects.

Oh…and then there’s your tentacle. Your one lonely limb that will be your only means of controlling these worlds. Luckily, your tentacle is capable of stretching entirely across the room, wrapping around certain objects, and just picking other things right up. All of this will come in handy (tentacly?) with everything you’ll need to do. Any items you’ll need will be provided directly to you.

Each task is unique to the planet. At one point you’ll find yourself needing to rotate a planet under the heat lamp on your desk to keep certain areas warm, while you fend off an infestation of bugs trying to crawl their way to your world. Another finds you watering some trees while also defending your office from a robot attack, using your tentacle to swap between the spray gun for watering, and the real gun for the robots.

Things may sound like they’re easy, but remember you’ll be doing all this with just a single tentacle. Controlling it can be…as interesting as it can be frustrating. The right joystick controls the height of it, while the left controls how much it extends across the room. For the most part, things can be fairly easy, it’s the multi-tasking that will be the real test.

After each task, you’ll be graded on your performance. Most of these grades are relative to what you’ve been doing. For instance, one level has you spraying a cooling spray on specific planet points to keep them from getting too warm. You’ll be graded on the highest temperature you let any of these points reach, as well as whether or not you let any of them hit critical. However, there is one area of grading that is consistent in all tasks, and it’s really just to show how rampant you’ve been with your tentacle. You’ll always begin with a number of items placed on top of your desk, and you’ll be graded on how many of those things remain on your desk at the end.

While it’s quite far from being one of the greatest games of all time, Godly Corp is a lot of fun. The physics of the tentacle alone can provide for some moments that are either very hilarious, or very stressful. Controlling it with both joysticks seems weird at first, but very quickly it just falls into place and makes sense, having one joystick control the height and the other depth. There are some moments that it seems to get a little caught on itself, and other moments where you’ll wish there were some trick to make it move faster. Despite this though, all the levels are absolutely doable, there just may be some that require a bit more patience. 

So, if you’re looking for some wacky fun gameplay for either yourself or to play with friends and family, stretch your tentacle over to the eShop and grab up a copy of Godly Corp today. What will you do when the fate of multiple worlds rest in your suction-cup filled tentacles?


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