Hoggy 2

Developed By : Raptisoft
Published By : Ratalaika Games
Category : 2D, Puzzles, Platformer
Release Date : July 26, 2019

I don’t know what those two slimy pink-ish things are, but they are adorable.

Hoggy 2 is a 2D puzzle-platformer game developed by Raptisoft. It’s the sequel to the 2010 smartphone game Hoggy. This time, two slime-molds called Hoggy and Hogatha must save their children from the evil Moon Men!

Hoggy 2 features around 220 levels where the player, that can play as either as the purple Hoggy or the pink Hogatha. Each level, called “jar” (since you must enter a jar to access it) has the same objective: collect all the fruits to complete it. Once you complete a jar, you get a key, which are used to unlock more levels.

A lot of the levels feature some sort of obstacle: enemies that will defeat you on touch or bomb blocks that explode when touched. But worry not, while our slimy friends can’t jump just like Mario would, they are very sticky, and they will stick to the ceiling! And not only that, but in certain levels there are special power ups, such as ghost peppers that will lit your slime on fire and destroy any enemy they encounter!

While the game looks relatively simple, the difficulty of the puzzles increases very quickly. And while the levels don’t stress the player, they gradually need more and more thinking and some trial and error. The levels are very varied and they don’t feel repetitive. There are some boss fights too that are mostly there to see if you learned how the mechanics work.There are some secrets too, marked with “?”, which can be used to access even more levels while using the special power ups in the game hub.

The biggest issue I had with Hoggy 2 is that the movement is SLOW. Sure thing, they are slime but I didn’t expected them to be a bit faster, and the same can be said for the enemies. In some levels there are special blocks that increase the overall speed of the level when they are being touched, but once the player leaves that block, the speed goes back to normal.
The other issue that I found is that sometimes levels require pixel-perfect precision in some areas, mostly to avoid enemies.

But after saying that, the puzzles are (mostly) fun and diverse, the slimes are adorable and it’s nice to see some sort of “story” going on. The gameplay is fun and levels can be completed quicly. And if you want to create your levels you are able to with the level editor!
Other than that, the game is colorful and it all feels a cartoonish. To some, it may remind them of older Flash games on the internet! The music is joyful and it’s nice to listen to.

In conclusion, Hoggy 2 is a simple looking game that has way more than it shows. The puzzles are fun and interesting and overall the game is good and anybody who wants to put a little bit of effort into puzzles will be happy with this game.


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