Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Top 5 Nintendo Switch eShop Highlights

The Nintendo Switch eShop has some incredible titles available for people to add to their gaming libraries and the list of available games is growing with each passing week. From shooters to adventures, and even a sports RPG that has become a firm favourite, the range is vast and diverse. Let’s have a look at what we think are some real Nindie Gems. 

1) De Mambo – The Dangerous Kitchen


De Mambo is a great game that anyone can just pick up and start playing. Featuring a small ball shaped character with a sweet but haunting face, De Mambo is on our list of highlights because of its impressive multiplayer gameplay. Up to 4 people can battle on one screen in a free for all battle to see which Mambo will reign supreme. With a mixture of death defying leaps and powerful attacks, it quickly proves itself worthy of being a great multiplayer contender. De Mambo will cause you to laugh, curse and of course grab your friends by the Joy Con and see who can survive the longest? Ready, LET’S MAMBO! 

2) Severed – DrinkBox Studios

Severed is a game that is beautifully made to fit the Nintendo Switch touch screen. A simple title that involves you moving from room to room, area to area to discover what happened to Sasha’s family. Using the touch screen controls in Severed really gives a different style of gameplay as you cut and slash through your enemies in intense battles and progress further and further into a world of nightmare. Severed is definitely a gripping game and anyone who loves slashing monsters into pieces should definitely consider this. 

3) Pankapu – Plug In Digital

Pankapu is a bright, bold and beautiful platforming adventure game set in The World of Dreams”. As Pankapu, the titular dream guardian, you are tasked with travelling all over Onmia and defeating the Hya ‘Nagis, the dark creatures that come from the Nightmare World. Pankapu will show you just why platforming games are so popular as you travel the world and see its sights, collect spirits, upgrade your weapons and armour be the saviour of all the denizens of Omnia. This game is visually stunning and the gameplay will keep you coming back for more. 

4) Quest of Dragons – Upfall Studios

Quest of Dungeons is a roguelike dungeon crawler that sets you loose on a world of evil creatures and deathly traps. Each time you visit a dungeon you will find that the layout has changed, everything from enemies to items (and even boss battles) will be randomised. This lends itself to being a great adventure upon every visit and makes sure that no one is easily running through and walking out without a scratch. Quest of Dungeons lets you choose from four characters in the game each with different strenghts, abilities and of course, weaknesses. Spend time with each of them and get ready to die….a lot! 

5) SteamWorld Dig 2 – Image and Form

A stellar sequel to an already popular game, SteamWorld Dig 2 builds upon its predecessor in the most amazing way. Giving you control of a new character set in the same world means you see everything from a different perspective. The humour, the exploration, the collecting and the references all make an incredible experience that will draw you in from the second you load up the game. There is plenty to do in Steam World Dig 2, lots of interesting discoveries to be made and of course, the compelling storyline of what happened to Rusty? Be warned, you may not want to leave this game. 
So, there we have it. Our first five picks for real Nintendo Switch eShop highlights, all chosen specially because of how they diversify the Nintendo Switch library, how incredibly interesting they all are in different ways and of course, because of all the love and dedication from the development teams. What are you highlights from the Nindies selections? Let us know your opinions! 

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