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[Poke-Switch News] Latest Pokemon Stars Rumors and Leaks

With the recent announcement from Game Freak that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the last game from the franchise on Nintendo 3DS, it is obvious to assume that all future core games (and side games) will be exclusively for Nintendo Switch. This is a pretty exciting time, and after much research these are all the rumors and leaks we were able to find.

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Rumors and Leaks

“Pokemon Stars” is an obvious holder name for the Nintendo Switch game; we don’t know what the game will be called, but we do know that a major Pokemon title will be coming to the Switch over the next couple of years (hopefully sooner!)

New or Continuation of Sun and Moon?

What we do know is that it isn’t going to be a side-line game like Pokken Tournament (though that game is really good), it is going to be a core game. There is the possibility that it could be a continuation of Pokemon Sun and Moon in the Alola region, but there has been talk about the game setting taking place in a land that has similarities to Spain and Italy; this makes it seem as though it will be a completely new iteration of the game.

The biggest and most important thing, though, is that it is confirmed that there is a core Pokemon game in development specifically for the Nintendo Switch…and that has us all at The Switch Effect really really excited.

Cut to the chase, what are these rumors and leaks?

Much of this information comes from PokeJungle, which I consider to be a reputable source considering their source for this information is the same source that revealed that Rainbow Rocket would be featured in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. So, take these rumors as just that…rumors. However, we have reason to believe that there may be quite a bit behind these rumors.

  • The Chinese localization team has all ready finished translating the script
  • There will be no new Mega Evolutions
  • Z-moves return and will use the motion control of the Joy Cons to activate
  • The main theme surrounding the game is that of tradition v innovation
  • The Region for this potention Gen 8 Pokemon game is inspired by Spain and Italy
  • The earliest we will see this game is late-2018/early-2019

Okay, so what? New region, maybe some new Pokemon. What else is new?

One of the major rumors is that there will be a complete overhaul to the battle system to make it more simplified. It will be an all new and more simplified battle system…but what does that really mean? Allegedly, it has been compared to the battle system in the Digimon World games; a real-time battle system that allows you to choose whether to attack or block an opponents attack. This makes sense, as the Pokken Tournament battle system is similar in that you can choose whether to attack, block or grab your opponent.

Okay, so this all seems pretty exciting, but does it sound too farfetched (haha) to be “real” news? Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch!

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