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[Review] Green Game : Timeswapper

Developer: iFun4all
Publisher: iFun4all
Category: Arcade, Puzzles
Release Date: 11.17.17

Unfortunately, I have yet to experience this games predecessor, Red Game Without a Great Name. However, after playing Green Game, I won’t be waiting long to go back to the first game.

Green Game is a simple puzzle game, set in a steampunk-feeling world filled with cogwheels and machines. You must guide a mechanical bird from a cage at the beginning of the level, to a cage at the end, all while manipulating time to control steam-blowing machines that will change the direction of your bird’s flight. While guiding the bird, you’ll have to use said steam-blowers to navigate around many obstacles to safely reach the end of each level.

Naturally in a puzzle game, the levels become increasingly difficult as you progress deeper into the game. There’s also an added element of gear pieces to collect. They aren’t required, but if you do go for them it’ll really put your navigation skills to the test.

The entirety of Green Game is played via the Switch’s touchscreen capabilities. Unfortunately, that means no docking the Switch up and throwing this game up on a big screen. Yet this game is highly enjoyable and a great brain tease in handheld mode.

In each level, there is an always-present cone of light that will point in the direction that time is flowing. This is key because many of the games elements will only function if time is flowing in one particular direction. You’ll need to keep on top of things to safely guide the bird through the level.

Puzzle game fans will definitely enjoy this title, and with just a $2.99 price tag, it’s a fun addition to your Switch library.

While waiting for levels to load, the game casually reminds you of how many times you’ve died

One last thing worth noting, is that the game may make you think you’re not smart enough for it just from the first menu. Level selection is initially done from a screen filled with cogwheels. You can swipe back and forth on the screen and you’ll be taken through a zoom in/out of the level numbers, but not going anywhere else. To actually choose the level you want to play, you have to tap on it’s number from this first screen. Otherwise, you just might spend a good five-ten minutes just zooming in and out, wondering if you even have what it takes to play this game. (I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that it definitely took me five minutes before figuring it out.

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*Code provided courtesy of iFun4All

By HG Mike

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