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[Review] Plantera DX – Nintendo Switch

By Brett Hrin Dec 31, 2017

Developer: Ratalaika Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Category: Simulation, Strategy, Other
Release Date: 12.07.17

Plantera DX

Farming games in one fashion or another have been popular for as long as gaming has been around. From Farmville on facebook, to HayDay on tablet, to Harvest Moon on Nintendo (and playstation), and even now Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch. These have been great ways to kill time and feel like you have done something with your time.

Retalaika Games released Plantera DX in early December and, while it is yet another Farming Simulator…it is different to most of what we know on Nintendo platforms. Don’t try to compare this to Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, or even Stardew Valley. Plantera DX is in a realm of its own when it comes to farming.

Plantera DX Nintendo Switch

Plantera DX plays more like something I would expect from a mobile game; this, however doesn’t take away from how fun it is on the Nintendo Switch. It is much more simplistic than you usual farming sim though this doesn’t mean it is any less fun. No, it is actually quite addictive! The pixel art in this game is adorable and adds to what a cute and fun game it is.

The first, I believe, game on Nintendo Switch that plays in the background (much like a lot of mobile games), it is the ultimate in casual gaming for the console. If you need more money to level up, simply close out of the game and go play something else for a bit. When you come back, voi la! Money made and time to level up.

You begin the game with just the ability to plant some carrots. As you begin to earn money, you will quickly unlock blueberry bushes, apple trees, and chickens. The setup is quite keen on utilizing the space you have available; you can plant a plot of root vegetables and behind that you can plant bushes…behind that you plant trees. In front of it all are your animals and little bloops that farm everything for you.

Plantera DX Nintendo Switch

Something that really added to the game for me was the funny sound effects. For instance, your chickens don’t just lay eggs…they fart them out with a distinctive and hilarious farting noise. The “rawr” from predators is funny and adorarble. It adds to the cute and casual experience of the game.

The goal of the game is to level up and expand your farm infinitely. As you expand your farm, more bloops will join to do your work for you. The only thing they cannot do is catch insects to sell. This is where you come in to give yourself a bit of a leg up on earning money.

The game isn’t just all happy-go-farty, though. There are predatory who are after your plants and animals! Rabbits will appear to try and take your root veggies, foxes will nab your chickens, wolves will take your sheep, and crows will take your fruits! Conveniently, though, you can purchase about a billion guard dogs who will ward off these dangerous predators and let you continue to build your dream garden.

Plantera DX Nintendo Switch

For a whopping $4.99, the game is definitely worth the minuscule price tag and will keep you entertained anywhere you go; whether you are playing a little bit before bed or while you wait at the doctors office, Plantera DX is a great way to relax.

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