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[Nintendo eShop] Out This Week 02.05 – 02.11

Nintendo eShop

        02.05 – 02.11

      Nintendo Switch

Black Hole

Price – $5.99
Release Date – Feb 06, 2018
No. of Players – 1 player
Category – Arcade, Action, First Person
Publisher – Dufgames
Developer – Dufgames

Black Hole is an arcade-style twin-stick space shooter. Choose between 3 upgradeable ships and embark on a dangerous and action packed flight through multiple black holes on 4 worlds with 40 levels. Shoot everything you can see and collect everything you can find.



Price – $14.99                                                      Release Date – Feb 06, 2018.                                    No. of Players – 1 player                                  Category – Action, Platformer, Adventure.    Publisher – Raw Fury.                                                    Developer – Long Hat House

Dandara is a unique 2D metroidvania In a bizarre universe where the oppressed are on the brink of oblivion, you play as Dandara who has awoken to reshape the world of salt. Its citizens are broken and oppressed but out of the darkness you must rise Dandara to bring direction to a hopeless world.

Mercenary Kings Reloaded


Price – $19.99
Release Date – Feb 06, 2018
No. of Players – up to 4 players
Category – Action, First Person, Platformer
Publisher – Tribute Games
Developer – Tribute Games Inc.
Coming physically by limited run games TBD

In this frantic 2D action game avenge your fallen comrades and save the world from CLAW! Craft and customize guns and blades as part of the mercenary kings, the most skilled guns for hire around.

The Darkside Detective

Price – $12.99
Release Date – Feb 07, 2018
No. of Players – 1 player
Category – Adventure, Puzzle
Publisher – Isometric Dreams
Developer – Spooky Doorway
You are The Darkside Detective, Francis McQueen, the lead investigator of the Darkside Division who investigates the bizarre, supernatural and  missing cat cases that keep getting dropped on his desk. Investigate 6 cases nobody else will in this occult adventure.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

Platform – Nintendo Switch
Release – Date Feb 08, 2018
No. of Players – 1 player
Category – Strategy, Role-Playing
Publisher – CIRCLE Ent.

This collection includes Mercenaries Saga: Will of the White Lions, Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle and Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War, Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

Aegis Defenders

Price – $19.99
Release Date – Feb 08, 2018
No. of Players – 2 players
Category – Action, Platformer, Role-Playing
Publisher – Humble Bundle
Developer – GUTS Department
Explore, build, & defend in this unique blend of action-platformer and tower defense. You play as a team of Ruinhunters searching for the one thing that can save their village – a legendary weapon known as Aegis.

Aperion Cyberstorm

Price – $13.49
Release Date – Feb 08, 2018
No. of Players – 1 to 5 players
Category – Action, Adventure, Arcade
Publisher – aPriori Digital
Developer – aPriori Digital

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