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[Review] Shiftlings – Enhanced Edition – Nintendo Switch

By HG Mike Feb5,2018
Shiftlings Nintendo Switch

Shiftlings – Enhanced Edition
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Rock Pocket Games
Published By :
Rock Pocket Games
Category :
Puzzle, Platformer, Multiplayer
Release Date :
Feb 1, 2018

I can’t remember the last time, before I even started playing a game, my first thought was “My God, so many colors!”. As soon as you’re in this game, you’re being hounded by just about every color on the spectrum in an amazing way. That isn’t all that Shiftlings brings to the table, though. Underneath all those beautiful colors, is an equally beautiful and quirky platforming game, helmed by two characters who could not be more perfect.

The game begins with an announcer sitting behind a desk, introducing a reality TV show. Two workers, janitors to be specific, are tethered together by an air hose and a supply of the world’s fizziest soda. When one drinks the soda, he turns into a walking balloon (just picture VIolet from Willy Wonka and you’ve got the right idea). This gas can be passed (yes, in that way) between the two janitors who’s task on the reality show is to navigate various stages, reaching repair stations to move on to the next. Oh, and they have no idea they’re being broadcast for everyone’s entertainment.

Shiftlings Nintendo Switch

In the games levels (fifty in total, ten each spread across five different worlds) you’ll need to jump, bounce, and squeeze through pathways, over blocks, activate switches for doors, and plenty of other wonky stuff to reach the repair station. With both janitors. The controls are quite simple, with only the main button interface as well as L and R buttons being used. You’ll be navigating with only one person at a time, unless you make use of the L button which allows you to move both simultaneously. Or, grab a friend since this game is perfect for couch co-op. Either way, solo or not, you get the same fun experience from this game.

Each stage you pass will increase the difficulty, introducing new obstacles for you to overcome. Shiftlings is a little tough to get used to at first mainly because of the tether, but it’s a quick learning curve to adapt to it. Since you can only have one small janitor and one large one, the tether makes for an excellent hoist of sorts. There may be areas which are necessary to go around, dropping off the corner of a ledge as the big guy and giving your small framed friend a ride. You can also make use of the fact that the smaller janitor can use the larger one as a trampoline to get up higher.

Shiftlings Nintendo Switch

Additionally, the game comes with plenty of replay value. Within each level are three cola bottles that you can collect. Each of the five worlds has a “boss” stage and a bonus stage that can only be unlocked via the collection of a certain number of these bottles. So once you beat all the levels, step up your game and go for the collectibles too. Trust me, it’s worth it.

To say this game is amazing is truly and understatement. Shiftlings is filled with so much vibrant colors, an enjoyable soundtrack, and every level is backed by the snarky announcer who spews sarcasm constantly (although some of it can actually prove helpful). My only complaint about this game is that it’s far too short. I was hooked after only a couple levels, and learning that it caps off at fifty made my heart sink a little. The inclusion of the cola bottle collectibles, and the extension of gameplay that comes with this almost makes up for it. Almost. I will still be anxiously awaiting the announcement of any sort of sequel or expansion to this incredible game. Its new, it’s out, and it’s set at an amazing price in the eShop. What else could you ask for in an addition to your Switch library? The sooner you play this, the sooner you can experience just how incredible it is.


The playability for this game is great no matter what mode you use for Shiftlings (with the exception of the Pro Controller from me as I do not own one)


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By HG Mike

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