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[Review] – Fairune Collection – Nintendo Switch

Fairune Collection
Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by Brett

Publisher – Flyhigh Works
Developer – Skipmore, Esquadra
Music – Y. Kimura
Category – Adventure, Role-Playing, Action, Puzzle
Release Date – May 17, 2018

A collection of great memories

Fairune Collection contains four games, Fairune, Fairune 2, Fairune Origin and Fairune Blast. The First three being completely developed by Skipmore (Y.Kimura) and the totally different vertical scrolling shmup being developed by Esquadra.

Fairune is basically a simplified zelda-ish experience in the best possible way. Easy combat, brain busting puzzles and a charming soundtrack all wrapped up in a cute package with a bow on top.

Fairune is the first in the series  and serves as your training ground for the rest of the collection, where you learn the core mechanics. The map is made up of single screen areas and combat is quite simple but efficient. All you do is walk into enemies to attack them. If their power is equal to yours you will fell them if not you take some damage, the only stat you need to worry about is your level, that’s it, easy peasy. You can explore the open world as you see fit but must solve some brain teasing puzzles along the way to finish the journey. If you get lost the magical codex book with help out with hints to get you gong in the right direction. Its definitly the shortest of the collection and can be completed in just a few hours.

Being a 3ds port the screen set up is a little strange on the big screen but works just fine. The action takes place on the left while the map and inventory are permanently on display on the right.

Fairune 2 is the biggest of the collection and expands on everthing from the first game while keeping the charming combat and puzzle solving. There is a quite larger over world, different worlds, and an underworld to explore and solve in the sequel. This leaves more room for exploring and trying to solve the various puzzles and will take you considerably longer to finish, there are some real head scratchers in Fairune 2 and lucky the screen is expanded to nearly full screen for a more enjoyable docked experience. There is also a small upgrade system implemented by the form of collecting coins that can be spent to upgrade your three skills. Much like the first game there is not great chance of dying unless you are extremely foolhardy and there are not high repercussions for dying. You may find yourself dying a few times but all in all the whole collection is an extremely relaxing gaming experience.

With Fairune Origin less is more as this the smallest of the lot and can be completed in several minutes once you know what you are doing. Being small is not a problem here though as it contains some of the best puzzle solving experiences of the entire collection and is a very welcome third act.

Last but not least we have Fairune Blast!. Unavailable at the start of the adventure you must complete the first three games to unlock the three locks holding the game shut on the title screen, An effort well worth it for adventurers of the whole collection. Every other game in the collection has you using your brain to solve puzzles but in Fairune Blast! your going to be using your quick reflexes.  Fairune Blast! is a radical departure from the first three games, this time around your playing a vertical shmup. You pick one of three fairies and shoot your way to the top of the screen. Its certainly a cute and fun bonus for anyone who enjoyed the other games to unlock it.



Fairune Collection is a wonderful package that will test your mind and your reflexes. Featuring great pixel art and a delightful score this should be a sure pickup for anyone who loves old rpg’s and also serves as a great beginners rpg for newcomers, should be a great game to get younger players into the genre although they will certainly need some assistance for some of the harder puzzles. All in all Fairune is a really amazing value that shouldn’t be passed up.

If your an rpg lover pick it up.

if you want to dip your toe into the rpg pool, pick it up.

Just pick it up.




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