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[E3 2018] – Predictions

By Brett Hrin Jun6,2018

E3 2018 Predictions

The biggest day of the gaming year is almost here again; E3 is so close I can taste it. Nintendo’s presentation is sure to be full of surprises, but I can guess a few things coming. Probably. As good as anyone else can, anyway.

Stone Cold Locks

Nintendo will be showing a bunch of already-announced and previewed titles, and I think Super Smash Bros will be their main focus. I’d expect something close to a full roster reveal; or at least the full roster of Nintendo characters. They’ll probably do one or two surprise crossover announcements, but I think they’ll hold off on all the third-party characters until we’re closer to the release date. We’ll also see something about Metroid Prime 4, but how much depends on how far along development actually is. Maybe a bigger tease than what we got last year, hopefully even a release date.

Maybe? Or I Hope?

My number one anticipated announcement is to see if the smoke about a Pokemon returning to the Kanto region has any fire. There have only been rumors so far, but if Nintendo really wants to blow the roof off the joint, new Pokemon will dwarf any other announcement anyone else could possibly make. On a more personal note, I hope Sega brings more info on Valkyria Chronicles 4 and the new Sakura Wars title they announced a while ago. I’m looking forward to both immensely.

Wouldn’t It be Nice

Nintendo’s done a lot with the Fire Emblem franchise the last few years, but mostly on the 3DS. We got Fire Emblem Warriors, which was awesome, but a proper Fire Emblem entry for the Switch would be killer. There’s no reason to think they will, but I’d be all over it.

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