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[E3 2018]- Predictions

E3 2018


I have been consuming and absorbing E3 footage in one way or another for nearly 20 years now. Starting with magazine footage, then from the internet, then from the now defunct G4 network, then back on the internet through various streaming methods. This marks the first year i that i personally get to cover it for a video game content outlet, a very big deal for me, as it is something i always fantasized about doing but never dreamed i would ever get the chance to actually do it.

E3 for some is a quick fix to get a bunch of information for whats coming for the foreseeable future , which it is, but its also much more than that. It’s a time of year when everyone that gives a damn about video games, the thing i love the most, gets together to the share in the joy of games and bathe in the excitement of whats to come. It’s not a holiday but i look forward to it like one all the same every year. Cant wait to see all the cool things i know about already and the great surprises that are surely in store. Here is what i think just may be heading our way.


Fo Sho

Anyone who is paying any attention to Nintendo pretty much knows what were going to see.

We will be getting a bunch of Smash Bros info like characters, stages, game modes and so on.  The big question on this one however is how big of a difference this smash Bros will be from the last, given that this is the shortest time cycle between games.

Given the amount of or rumors and “leaks” there were, i think there is a pretty good chance we will be seeing info on the supposed Star Fox racing game by Retro Studios.

With the wave of Pokemon news that just happened you can bet your butt were going to see more on all of those.

Another good bet is more info and a proper trailer for Metroid Prime 4.

Some other sure things:

Fire Emblem info/trailer

Fortnight Info

More info for Yoshi Cardboard

Metroid Prime Trilogy port

Bayonetta 3 Gameplay

More info on Nintendo Switch online service



Based on much speculation and rumors here are a few things that just might happen, if we are lucky.

N64 mini officially announced

Animal crossing announcement

Persona 5 Port

Pikmin 4

Fallout 3 port

Super Mario Maker port or new entry

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes info

Wonderful 101 Switch

New Mario Party

When you wish upon a star 

Here are a few games i would love to see happen even though the likelihood of them coming to fruition is almost F-Zero. (that joke was all for me)

I very much agree with Kieran here, as probably the thing i want most on the switch would be a new F-Zero entry. Not only has it been far too long since the last F-Zero release in 2003 (this is criminal) but its one of the greatest racing games of all time and i got the need for speed. C’mon Nintendo you know you want to, if you ain’t first your last.

Another series i would love to see get a new entry is Kid Icarus. Sure there was a remake in 2012 on the 3DS but its been over 30 years since we have seen Kid Icarus on a home console, I think it’s time for him to spread his wings.

Another one, a little for me, and a lot for the crazy community this game has around it, is Mother 3. I’m a big fan of mother (Earthbound if you played in the states) and its music but there is a community that has kept a burning love alive for this game for decades and their begs for a sequel will never end. If they actually make a sequel it will be one of the greatest fan services of all time.

One last game that is my single greatest dream game, is almost positively never going to happen and isn’t Nintendo specific but would definitely make it onto the switch if it were to exist, is a teased and rejected reboot of Kid Chameleon by Lizard Cube, the fine folks who remade Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap. The Picture you see above is what the remake would look like but alas it was said this was just a piece for fun and not an actual project, but i still dream, and at E3 some dreams do come true.


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