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[Review] – Musynx – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by Brett

Publisher – PM Studios, Acttil
Developer – I-Inferno
Music – Various
Category – Music, Rhythm, Arcade
Release Date – June 21, 2018


Finger Busting Rhythms

Being a music/rhythm game veteran, i have played near every game the genre has ever put forth. From the old days of parappa the rapper to the insane fever dream of the insane popularity of the guitar hero and rock band series, i have been through it all and have even been a few competitions. Does Musynx the latest entry in the genre from PM studios, I-Inferno and Acttil hold up to the best? Read on to see how a genre die hard likes it.


Lots of screen variety

First things first Musynx is an extremely competent music/rhythm game. It doesn’t stray to far from the tried and true formula of hitting corresponding notes as the fly at you, this i suppose is either good or bad depending on if your looking for more of the same or something completely different from the genre. As you might imagine the standard play option is just that notes flying towards you that must be pressed with the corresponding buttons as they reach the bottom of the screen.

Four Button Layout

Musynx does a few things that set it apart from other games in the genre. One is the option to go from a four button layout to a six button layout, making four or six lines of notes appear on the track. This drastically increases the difficulty and is a real challenge for even hardcore music/rhythm players. On top of that notch up in difficulty you can also select normal or hard for each song, so if your doing the six button layout on hard I guarantee your in for some serious high volume, high dexterity action. To even further the chaos you inflict upon yourself you can bring up the speed for each song to truly make each song insanely hard.

To hard for me even.

The regular setup of the four button layout on normal with the speed on the standard four is the way to go for people new to this kind of game and the four button layout on hard is a nice starting point for people very familiar with this kind of game.

Six Button Layout

This brings us to the actual music in Musynx. As of now there are ninety three songs and more will be added via dlc from the store at some point. That is a pretty good starting point for track numbers, it may be the most i have seen available at base level before adding dlc tracks to the mix. Featuring genres like pop, rock, trance, R&B, classical, and mixes of those, plus some i probably cant even identify, there are a ton of options and diverse selection to choose from, though don’t expect any top 100 hits, all these songs are of the asian persuasion. Most tracks also have a unique artistic presentation to add to the overall style and flair of the game.

Song Selection


Musynx is an extremely solid music/rhythm game bursting with song selections that will keep your fingers working for hours on end. There are enough difficulties for everyone of all skill levels to enjoy it and since you cannot fail a stage practicing higher difficulties never feels punishing. The only downside is there is no multiplayer, neither online or local. As a lifelong fan of the genre i can safely say Musynx  is a winner. If your in the market for a new music/rhythm game it doesn’t get much better than this.


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