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[Review] De Blob 2 – Nintendo Switch

By Kieran Fifield Sep11,2018

De Blob 2

Reviewed by Kieran

Developer:  Blitworks
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Category: Platformer
Release Date: 08.28.2018

Colour me impressed

De Blob 2 for Nintendo Switch arrives on the console over 7 years after it originally launched on Xbox 360 and PS3.  Given the nature of the industry and the way in which technology progresses, how well does it hold up today?

De Blob 2 is at its best colourful, vibrant and very cute, an adventure absolutely crammed with charm and style. At its worst it’s an incredibly linear, often repetitive experience. That one critique aside, De Blob 2 offers swagger by the bucket load.
Imagine Splatoon without the frantic, breakneck action and you get a good idea of what the screen looks like. Reds, Yellows and blues decorate proceedings at all times, and as you progress through this cutesy little escade, you unlock the ability to mix your primary colours, adding greens, browns and purples to your palette.


The story picks up directly after the events of the original De Blob title, with Blob chasing after Dr. Von Blot, who has made off with the key to the city, that blob was set to be awarded.
Incidentally the original game has also been brought to the Nintendo Switch, along with a whole host of aesthetic enhancements.
However, I personally don’t feel it’s necessary to have played the original, therefore I would honestly pick this title up as it is a more complete package than its older brother, feeling more refined in every aspect of critique.


Saying that, as aforementioned and with De blob originally launching back in February 2011; a life time ago by any stretch of the imagination, there are moments that this title does feel dated. Comparing it to Super Mario Odyssey for example, seems somewhat counter productive, what with the difference in resources between the two developers. A more honest comparison would be alongside a title such as Fe, by the excellent people over at Zoink (Flipping Death btw, oooof it’s good.) Despite obviously having EA behind them, as the creators of Unravel 2 revealed earlier this year, the studio is accountable for costs, EA, essentially just creates hype.
Digression aside, you can tell that this is an older game. Despite its HD textures, it is a little fuzzy
on the eye, albeit not enough so to really detract from the overall experience.
As well as the presentation issues, the camera leaves a lot to be desired. It is just a little bit over sensitive, so even the slightest touch of the R stick can send it wildly off.
Much like the city itself, after you’ve rejuvenated an are with paint, the soundtrack is full of life and colour, creating ambience and remaining relevant throughout the entirety of this plucky little number.


De Blob is a 3D platformer in every sense of the word. You take control of the aptly named Blob and traverse a 3D environment, returning colour to a world that has been sapped of all its primaries. Lets just make one thing absolutely clear, the target audience of this quaint little quest is young children. There really is no escaping this fact. Aside from the vibrant, vivacious  aspect, De Blob 2 is ridiculously linear. There really is no getting past this fact. Everything from quest markers to paint locations is displayed on a radar so, despite the open nature of game environments, never for even a fleeting second do you ever wonder in which direction to head next. On top of that, the difficulty never really elevates anywhere past easy, even in the later stages.

As well as the 3D aspects of this little number, there are the occasional 2D platforming sections that are quite excellent.  They really are a highlight and, whilst not a critique of the main game, which is absolutely solid in its own right, had they purely focused on creating a 2D title, than who knows, perhaps I would be awarding De Blob 2 a famous Fifield five!

Boss battles are a real strong point throughout, and are probably the only part of the game that didn’t feel like it was made for a child audience. By using paint, combinations if colours and techniques learnt, you must find ways to conquer these foes. Every one felt both satisfying and accomplished in equal measure.


Despite its linear nature, De Blob 2 is the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. Everything pops off of the  screen and it really does look quite lovely. Gameplay can equally be enjoyed in quick bursts or long session. In part, due to the hand holding nature, you never find yourself stuck or unable to progress. Depending on how you like your gaming time, this could go either away. If you are someone who appreciates a chilled out fun experience, De Blob 2  just might be right up your street.

Whilst it may not be the most relevant of concepts, it is lots of fun to play. And isn’t that why we play games, to have fun?


Cute, charming and colourful. Incredibly linear, very easy adventure. Brilliant boss fights. 2D platform sections were really well made. All in all, an incredibly fun, family friendly game.


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