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[Review] HoPiKo – Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Laser Dog
Published By : Merge Games
Category : Platformer, Arcade
Release Date : Jan 10, 2019

It’s finally happened. Worse than the end of the world, it’s the end of gaming! HoPiKo on the Nintendo Switch slams you directly into this horrible situation, and it’s up to you to come out on the other side! There’s an evil Nanobyte virus that’s infected everything, and you need to eradicate it in this hard-hitting, fast-paced crazy platformer.

Don’t think of platforming in the traditional sense either. In this game, you’ll traverse from platform to platform through the air, slingshoting yourself across open spaces, avoiding barriers and spikes, trying to get to the center of where the virus has taken hold.

Each level is actually broken up into five smaller segments, and all five need to be completed in succession for it to be considered beating the level. Which, when you consider actual time played on level it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. The levels can be completed in literal seconds, so even if you mess up on the fifth leg, you might only lose 30 seconds of play time. But, as tight and hectic as some of the levels can get, those seconds can feel like a lifetime.

HoPiKo breaks things down to the simplest bit, taking away all instances of movement, and leaving you as a simple little figure that can just jump. Movement is controlled with right right Joy-Con’s thumbstick, simply hold it in a direction and release, sending your character flying off at that exact angle.

The stages themselves can offer many obstacles that can either help, or hinder your progress. Smaller platforms can act like barrels from Donkey Kong, shooting you off like a bullet in whichever way it’s facing. While other platforms will start floating once you hit them, rotating based on your momentum and where you land.

Once you sink some time into it, the concept of HoPiKo seems to be very clearly built around speedrunning. The levels are designed super short, and as I mentioned above each leg of a run can be completed in literally seconds. Now, if you’re not a fan of the speedrun concept, this game is still playable and very much enjoyable, so don’t worry about feeling alienated trying to play this game. If you love puzzles and platformers this is most definitely a game for you.

HoPiKo is a great game and so much fun, whether you like the intense challenge of being as fast as possible, or you just like the relaxed challenge of simply beating the level. Don’t wait to pick this one up. Remember, video gaming needs you! Without you this evil virus will continue to spread unless we put a stop to it.

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By HG Mike

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