Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

[News] Thief Simulator is sneaking it’s way onto Switch

Thief Simulator announced for Switch

Become a thief this year on Switch

Thief Simulator, from Polish developer Noble Muffins and publisher Forever Entertainment, has been announced for Switch. Released on Steam at the end of last year, Thief Simulator is a sandbox stealth game that has you sneaking around neighbourhoods searching for loot to steal while trying to evade detection.

Each neighbourhood is a sandbox environment where you can choose where to go and what to try and steal. Much like the Hitman series of games, you can choose how you approach missions with multiple NPCs roaming the environments to their own schedule. Successfully stealing loot grants you XP depending on your heist performance, and the opportunity to sell your loot to buy better equipment. As you gain more XP, you can upgrade your skills and unlock new abilities as you progress through the story.

Thief Simulator is coming to Switch later this year.

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