[Review] 64.0- Nintendo Switch

Developed By : rebel rabbit
Published By : indienova
Category : Arcade, Rhythm
Release Date : October 31 2019

64.0 is a (very) fast-paced rhythm game, all about shooting square-shaped enemies whose color matches the one in the background and not shooting other squares who don’t match the background’s color. Sounds confusing? Well, that’s exactly what it is.

There is not much to the concept. All you have to do is shoot the right squares. If you shoot the wrong-colored squares it’s game over for you. You can’t even rely on the rhythm itself too much, as it may lead you to shoot the wrong square. The objective of each level to survive for 64 seconds. You can also try to get the best score possible: if you manage to beat the level, you will receive a score based on how many consecutive shoots in the right direction you got.

There are 9 different levels plus an infinite mode. Each level comes with a unique twist into it, such as having to deal with two colors at once from different sides of the background switching from its color to black.
Some levers were created by community creators, but I wish that there will be more released in the future.
While those levels didn’t seem a lot to me at first glance, I quickly discovered the reason why: this game is EXTREMELY difficult. I even had problems trying to take the screenshots for the article!

64.0 is based on trial and error. In order to finish a level, you’ll have to play it over and over again, unless you have amazingly fast reflexes. Even reaching the 30 seconds mark is HARD

I appreciated the replayability value: considering that it will take a while to complete each level when the player completes all of them the infinite mode will be there to keep on giving.

Artistically, the game is no huge feat. Its minimal art style doesn’t pop up compared to other games. But the chiptune tracks used are varied and colorful, making them enjoyable. 

If you like rhythm games and want a challenge, then 64.0 is for you. It’s tough and will challenge you. It’s fun and learning how to beat each level is not as frustrating as it might seem. It offers a great challenge to the mind and helps training your reflexes. The biggest downsides are the bland artstyle and that it might be too hard compared to other games of the genre.


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