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[Review] Snakeybus – Nintendo Switch

By HG Mike May6,2020

Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Stovetop
Published By : Digerati
Category : Racing, Puzzle, Action
Release Date : Apr 02, 2020

As a kid, most of us harbor dreams of what we wanna do when we grow up. For some, our eyes are drawn to the big things, wanting to operate the big heavy machinery at construction sites, sling around the back of a firetruck, or maybe be the one picking up loads of people to fill a bus to the brim. One thing is for certain though, none of us ever thought of driving a bus quite like the one you’ll be in control of in Snakeybus on the Nintendo Switch.

The aim of the game is wacky and simple. You’ll be traversing many different locations with bus stops scattered all over, all filled with people eager to board. Barrel through the pick-up zones and once you have enough, bring them to the dropoff point. But, here’s the catch. Once you make that dropoff, your bus will grow longer. You know those double-length buses, with the accordion middle? Yeah, picture that, but instead of two buses, picture dozens, even hundreds.

While there’s no real story or career mode, this game has a lot of options to keep you entertained as you play. There’s a good selection of maps, ranging from realistic cities like Seattle, to silly areas like a college dorm room where you’ll operate as the size of a matchbox car. No matter the location, you’ll have to deal with lots of twists, turns, and tons of verticality that will all be trying to mess up your perfect bus route.

Naturally, you can perform basic and necessary driving capablities like driving and drifting. Your bus can also make small jumps and boost for short periods of time. These operate on a bit of a cooldown timer, because they come in quite handy in sticky situations. The only way you can really lose a run is by not being able to move your bus for a handful of seconds, and the moment you stop moving, a timer for this potentially ending period will come up. The jump/boost is usually your last ditch effort to escape and keep on busing.

Snakeybus is far from an in depth game, but it’s for sure whacky enough to keep you amused while you play. There’s a couple of alternate modes and different buses to unlock/play, and leaderboards to see how your bus lengths compare with others. Other than that though, it’s a lot of rinse and repeat, but this is one of the few games where that just might be a good thing.


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By HG Mike

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