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[Review] OkunoKA Madness – Nintendo Switch

By Brett Hrin Sep23,2020

Developed By: Caracal Games
Published By: Ignition Publishing
Category: Platformer, Arcade
Release Date: 09.08.20

OkunoKA Madness is a game brought to us by Caracal Games and Ignition Publishing. The title introduces us to KA, who tries to save his planet, to do this he will have to go through various challenges to reach the different souls and purify them.

This is a game that will test your skills and reflexes, while playing as a nice character who tries to save his world.

It is a platform game where you will have to test your reflexes to move, run, and jump between the walls to avoid all kinds of dangers. The game is very friendly and its difficulty ramp to my perspective is very well achieved, if you are a fan of Super Meatboy you will feel certain similar controls which could make you comfortable, this is also thought because they know that you will die many times before managing to pass a level.

Through the levels, you can grab certain objects or find portals, which bring you to worlds where you can take more of these, but once you meet a certain amount of failures you will be expelled. These objects that we take help us to unlock more skins or characters, which although at first glance only really seem like skins or little suits, they are different characters and have different abilities or characteristics that if you discover they could help you pass some levels easier.

Through the worlds you will get a chance to control or change elements of the environment, starting only with ice and expanding as the game progresses, these we activate and deactivate to be able to make parts of the scene appear or fade to use them to our advantage, to be able to jump on them or avoid some enemy.

Although it is a simple mechanic, the more it expands it will become more of a challenge having to switch between them in order to perform the appropriate action, becoming chaos if you don’t pay attention.

The game is divided into worlds, each world has a certain number of levels and at the end, you will run into a boss or great enemy, they will test your abilities from getting to know the selected world to be able to fight it, some will be races against the clock, others you will have to dodge.

For me the bosses at the end of each world are very well designed and the art of these so-called bosses are the best of the entire game. They can be difficult and took several times each, it’s not dark souls hard, but neither Super Mario bosses hard either. They have a catch and all are fun to play with.


OkunoKA Madness has a great delivery and is great game that contains a diversity of levels, because you do not really feel that two levels are the same it allows you to improve at your own pace, also the game never punishes and always presents you mechanics separately and teaches you how to use them for later and to place them as a challenge. The art is pretty and eye-catching just like the music, which is well used to entertain you in the levels, the controls are smooth so you shouldn’t have problems when performing jumps and big actions. In addition to this, the game has different modes and difficulties, which is useful both to enjoy it, to speed run, or to really put your skills to the test, so if your a completionist it will take you a long time.

Without a doubt I recommend OkunoKA Madness, especially if you are a fan of games like Meat Boy that put your reflexes to the test, give it a go if your up to the challenge.


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Reviewed by @samuslink

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