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[Review] Serious Scramblers – Nintendo Switch

Developer: ChinyKian Games
Categories: Platformer
Release Date: 08.27.20

Serious Scramblers is the kind of game I’d dub a “Bathroom Game”. To further explain that, it’s the kind of a game that is perfect for a quick bathroom break, pick up and go. The goal of Serious Scramblers is to get to the bottom of the deep hole and collect coins on your way there, simple as that.

What makes the game more interesting than just dropping, is the obstaces such as timed spikes, revolving fire bars similar to Super Mario Brothers, and a small variety of enemies. Alone, maybe only the spikes really got me as I didn’t really think of the timing needed, but all together, the stages do get quite tough and I did get stuck a few times. Stages seem to be random despite being numbers, which made it rather difficult to really get down stage layouts or patterns at times, but it did make for quite a bit more variety and I don’t think I saw the same stage twice. The game also has plenty of unlockables in the way of extra characters, each of which have reasons to play over just the standard, like having defense against the previously mentioned hazards, a character falling slower, or one having more coins appear. The inclusion of an endless mode probably will make it quite a bit easier to get more coins at a quicker less fragmented pace as well.

Serious Scramblers is a very cheap game and feels like it. Everything in the game when it comes to graphics and music are good enough, and for how much money it doesn’t cost, that’s fine with me. The mobile origins are very apparent, but I do appreciate having the feedback of a d-pad or control stick over just using a touch screen.


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