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[Review] Circuit Dude – Nintendo Switch

By HG Mike Oct25,2020

Circuit Dude
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Jonathan Holmes
Published By : Sickhead Games
Category : Puzzle, Strategy
Release Date : Sep 07, 2020

Puzzle games can be some of the simplest or the most complex games to hit any console, and that’s speaking to both their graphical appearance and difficulty. Not all of the fully detailed games end up being good, nor do all the “simple” ones end up being bad. At the end of the day all you need is a good mechanic and for it to be delivered excellently and you’ve got a great game on your hands. Circuit Dude on the Nintendo Switch looks to take the simple yet strong approach, but does it work?

The game throws you into 120 levels. Well, not all at once, they unlock as you complete each one. Through all the levels your objective is the same. The floor is covered with open panels which need to have circuits inserted into them, which is where you come in. By simply walking over these spots you place a circuit into them. Once they’re all inserted, the level’s exit opens up and you just have to navigate to it and continue on.

So what’s the trick? Where’s the puzzle and the strategy? Once you place a circuit on the games floor, that space becomes impassable. It very quickly becomes possible to box yourself in and make it impossible to continue to the level’s exit, so finding the right path is crucial. Most levels have multiple ways to solve them, but they generally are reflective solutions of each other.

As challenging as that can be, though, it isn’t challenging enough. The game throws various hazards and obstacles in your way like conveyor belts, switches to step on, blocks to push and walls that rotate. With each new item introduced, you are given an easy couple of levels to learn how it works before the game ramps up and starts to really challenge you again.

Circuit Dude definitely presents a good challenge. I expected to be dozens of levels in before hitting my first hurdle, and in actuality I didn’t even reach double digit levels before needing to take my first break. Whether the game is easy or hard for you though, you’re able to create your own levels in it as well, complete with codes to share with everyone on the internet. Don’t expect this to be a casual game, but for the low pricetag it’s a game that is absolutely worth every penny.

The Switch Effect was graciously provided a code for review purposes


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By HG Mike

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