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[Review] Disc Room – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann, Doseone
Published By: Devolver Digital
Composed By: Doseone
Categories: Disc Dodger
Release Date: 10.22.20

Run from the discs. Run into the discs. Gain powers and then run. Rinse. Repeat. Disc Room is this in a nutshell.

Of course, this is a drastic over simplification of the game. You have a collection of rooms, each with their own discs, each with their own challenges. Stay alive for so long, get killed by a certain amount of discs, some of which only spawning after a while, dying in under 0 seconds (which can be done), et cetera. The challenges are strictly for opening the surrounding doors, leading to more rooms. This may sound like the game would get old fast, however there is quite the large number of discs. Big discs, small discs, multiplying discs, super spread out point discs, and even hungry discs. You even collect a little compendium of discs to learn more about them. Collect them all!

Disc Room is a hard game, clenchingly hard at that. It’s the kind of game that puts you on edge the entire time. The slightest mistake marks death. If it doesn’t help, some challenges require the use of the powerups you find in the journey through rooms. Dashing, slowing time, multiplying, absorbing discs. Some challenges like having a pitch black room use the slow time ability to shine a brief light on your character. Or taking a disc from one room to leave it in another to fill a requisite of the specific number. These two for example are the more frustrating rooms, as solutions are not immediately clear, but the creativity and effort to not make samey rooms is appreciated.

The game’s soundtrack probably doesn’t help when it comes to the general feel the game gives off, again, giving off that tension filled mood. The graphics, while simple and sketch like also fill the dreary, isolated mood the game has going. It’s bloody, you’ll find your bits and pieces just lying on the floor after getting chopped, and if you multiply yourself, there’s just more blood and guts laying around the stage.

Disc Room is a fun game, but it’s also as deep as a small glass of water. That’s ok though, not ever game needs deep mechanics, just to be engaging enough to keep someone playing. Much like an arcade game. I should mention, I did run into a handful of bugs though, with the biggest and most frequent being that if I ran near a wall, I’d occasionally just get stuck to the wall, unable to move, leading to my death. This happened enough to really frustrate, so hopefully it’s fixed in the future.


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