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[Review] Absolute Drift – Nintendo Switch

Absolute Drift
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Funselektor Labs
Published By : Funselektor Labs
Category : Racing, Simulation, Arcade
Release Date : Dec 03, 2020

Since it’s release, the Switch has been a great foundation for many game releases. We’ve seen titles I’m sure nobody thought they’d see on a Nintendo console like The Witcher 3, or DOOM. Naturally, the indie market has been flooded with countless titles, but one thing that has been great about the console is it’s giving of second chances to games that have been out for a number of years. Five years after it’s initial release, Funselektor’s Absolute Drift gets opened up to a new audience of gamers, and a chance for everyone to experience a pretty sweet racing title.

As is the case with most racing games, you won’t find a story riding shotgun in this one. Your only goal is to master the art of drifting, which you will do in a variety of locations. There are a few different techniques for you to learn, and your mastery of them will be tested in a number of different tracks and events.

To become a master of the drift, you’ll have to utilize your skills in specific ways presented as challenges in the areas you’ll be racing. There will be boxes to destroy, small arcs that will represent the perfect/ideal drift path through a corner. Some objects will require you to complete a tight donut circle around them, while other times there will be boxes marked as “spin zones” for you to…well, spin in.

From the menu, you’re able to make one of two choices, Free-Roam, or Events. Ultimately, both are the same way to experience the game, but Free-Roam is required to unlock further things to do. All of the things you unlock turn up in the Events area for you to select from a menu as you please.

In Free-Roam, you’ll be able to drive your car around some different locations that are gated from progressing further. In order to progress you’ll need to complete a series of missions in the current area. These missions will have you using all the skills you practice and master during the races. You’ll need to find objects to drift near, spin under, or pull donuts around. Once all missions are completed the next area will be unlocked.

As for the specific events themselves, each one comes with five different objectives for you to complete. These are very similar to the things you’ll need to do for your missions in the free roaming areas, but since you’ll be on a closed track they get modified a bit. Now you’ll be tasked with other things like drifting for a total amount of time, or a certain amount of time in a single drift.

While Absolute Drift is a fun game and definitely a good challenge, it runs out of room pretty quickly especially if you’re quick to master the drifting. As I said each individual event has only five objectives apiece. Usually at least one or two of them are pretty challenging, but again if you’re quick to master the drift you’ll get these in no time.

The game operates very smoothly and handles very well. The only hurdle some gamers may run into, and it was my only issue with the game, is if you suffer from any joy-con drift. I had plenty of times where a drift turned too tight, or got cancelled and I smashed into a wall of tires because of this. But, this is an issue that in no way is a fault of the game itself.

Overall, Absolute Drift is a lot of fun. If you’ve been a lifetime Nintendo follower, you might not have gotten the chance to experience this title in it’s original release. But, now you can, and it’s one that can and should be thoroughly enjoyed. In a long list of titles that have gotten that second chance on a new platform in a new generation, this is one that definitely deserves some more exposure.

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By HG Mike

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