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[Review] Crawlco Block Knockers – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Cosmikenkai
Published By: Eastasiasoft
Categories: Arcade, Puzzle
Release Date: 12.17.20

I already know why most people are going to buy this game. I also know that in spite of that, this is a fun puzzle game that I had trouble putting down at times.

Block Knockers reminds me of the Qix series. Though a more apt comparison would be to the more adult copycat of Qix named Gals Panic. The goal for Qix was to fill the screen by making lines, avoiding enemies along the way. Gals Panic was the same, now with softcore erotica, truly the kind of game to play in a public arcade. Block Knockers is much the same, but now mixes in a little bit of a block matching game in with it. Get at least three of the same color block and it makes a solid image. Each stage has a specific area that needs to have blocks filled in, which in the end makes a nice photo of a pretty lady. Each girl has three stages, each getting more undressed. After two girls, you get to a boss fight, which the goal is strictly knocking blocks into it and not getting a game over. It’s one hit deaths with this game, so that can be harder than expected at times.

You can just make enough shapes to fill the progress bar up top and complete stages, but that isn’t exactly ideal…or sexy. The true goal is to not miss a single part of the target area. If done so, you unlock the photo you were revealing to view at any time, and with those Stage 2 and 3 images you’d probably want to, just to look at boobs whenever you want. Boss stages only require you to win, thankfully. Fulfilling the requisites for the full image unlock can be made quite a bit more difficult by the fact that enemies crawl and fly around the stage, one hit from them kills you too. You can use enemies to your advantage by squishing them with a block can make a bit of a block explosion, making a nice T of blocks, perfect for corners. If not used carefully though, these can either close off unmatched squares or blank spaces, which is the last thing you want. If you want though, you can just turn the enemies off at any time.

There’s plenty of replay value on display here. A decent handful of levels, all with the optional goal to get the photos. The boss fights are fun and decent changes of pace, as well as there being post game stages to play, one of which being Christmas themed. Also should be noted, if you just have to play the game with friends, with your family, in the public library, you can have the lewd bits covered up, or the entire photo just changed into something completely unsexy.

The entire game has a bit of a sleaze factor to it, from the incredibly catchy, porn reminiscent music, to the fact that your boss looks like a stereotypical gross business man. The game is fully aware of it though, and that leads to some endgame cutscene talk.

I’m not sure how I feel as a whole with how the game looks. I love everything about the artstyle…except the unlockable art. It’s not bad art, but it’s not really to my liking. I suppose I’m more of an anime guy. That aside, the game had nice spritework, even if the sprites are small, and the game just has a nice clean 80’s look.

I was surprised by Block Knockers. What I expected was a mediocre game that was held up entirely by sex appeal. What I instead got was an addicting puzzle game that was challenging enough to make me feel as if I could just beat that one level perfectly if I played again, much to fight my sleep schedule.


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