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[Review] Gods Will Fall – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Mar16,2021
Developed By: Clever Beans
Published By: Koch Media, Deep Silver
Categories: Action, RPG
Release Date: 01.28.21

It’s always nice to be surprised by a game. Gods Will Fall did not seem entirely up my alley before playing it. Upon playing it, I was drawn into what I can call an ARPG mixed with Yoshi Story…It makes sense, trust me.

After being tired of the Gods’ torturous reign, the common folk, who refused to bow down to their insane demands are fighting back. This homely, a bit haggard looking crew is your set of characters. While at first, your main reason to play as any character is their weapon, certain areas, certain Gods will affect certain characters in unique ways. A character has a bad memory or dream of an area, maybe their health will be lower as a result, but soon get a second wind of courage the further they get in, and get enhanced strength because of it. The game doesn’t force you to do this, but it is a good way to get people to try out new weapons.

The characters also are your life system. One dies, that’s one less character to play as. You can always rescue them if another succeeds where one failed. This is where my thoughts of Yoshi Story come from.

Faster weak attacks and slower strong attacks. Each weapon has it’s own advantages to these attacks, with my personal favorite the dual axes having the one holding them lunge towards the enemy. Or just with a spear, stab from way too far away, an easy mode weapon if you ask me. You’ll pick up items like smaller bombs, ones to heal, a shield to block instead of just relying on dodging, and even an enemy’s weapon, which can be thrown right back, usually for some good damage and you’re relatively risk free doing it.

A mechanic I’m fond of is how Vigor works. Vigor is the HP in the game. Vigor is lost when hit, obviously, but can be gained right back if you strike enemies or a boss enough times without getting hit and let out a loud War Cry. This may seem like it makes the game easy, but if you’re not playing well, you won’t be getting vigor back and some attacks can take a big hunk of your life away. Getting that Vigor back though? It’s incredibly satisfying to pull off, especially during a difficult boss fight.

I’m not exactly fond of most of the look of the game, but with bosses and a handful of areas you go to, it really shines. Color jumps out and makes otherwise meh looking graphics a pleasant sight. Music on the otherhand never really hits any highs, it all came off as generic orchestral songs, which sound fine, but aren’t interesting.

Gods Will Fall surprised me with how much I enjoyed playing it. Any of the game’s flaws just got brushed away to me because of how much fun I was having.


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