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[Review] Puss! – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Mar31,2021
Developed By: teamCOIL
Categories: Maze, Bullet Hell
Release Date: 2.19.21

Puss! is some shitpost-like, avant-garde, vaporwave game. With cats. In Mazes. It’s like watching Adult Swim at 4AM.

That is honestly the best way to describe this game. It starts odd enough. Colorful, a bit of a clashing artstyle, giving that vaporwave, Windows 95 look. Navigate your cat of choice, of which there are a lot to pick from, and try to reach that icon at the end of the maze. Eventually the game become more deranged, almost demonic.


After you take down your first boss, in what becomes somewhat of a bullet hell, the world opens up. You’re on a quest and are given the choice as where to go. From here on we get more of the same. Throughout all of your days, you are still just a cat in a maze.

The stages are randomly placed. This is both a curse and a blessing. Lets focus on the bad stuff first. I have ran into a certain stage I just could not beat. I was stumped and it eventually led to me getting game overs. The good part is that I’ve had playthroughs that skipped that stage from the rotation. The fact I could run into that specific stage without knowing really hampers down the game, and it almost makes me wonder if it was intentional.


Be patient with some of the stages. If you can do them without dying, you get bonus points, which stack up to lots of extra lives, which for the boss fights, you’re probably going to need.

You’ve got to be a fan of cats for this. Cats and the random, off color, non-humor. I feel the humor might seem to abstract for many, and the game can be incredibly frustrating if you just do not know what to do, but it’s worth a play just for the bizarre experience it pulls you into.


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