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[Review] Say No! More – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Studio Fizbin
Published By: Thunderful Games
Categories: NO!
Release Date: 04.09.21

You’ve started a new job in an office as an intern. A shy person really, never being able to muster anything at any situation. Your new job is full of yes men, and the job always asks you just say Yes! Then, your lunchbox, your brand new lunchbox is just taken away from you. With the help of an instructional cassette tape, you finally learn to say it…No! It starts with the lunchbox and becomes something much bigger.

In Say No! More, you say No! It’s a rail No!-er to be specific. People ask you something and you just tell them No! Of course, you can tell them No! in a variety of ways. Be cold with them, or quite stern. Maybe you just don’t feel like do anything and just let out a lazy No! Be silly with them, almost mocking them with a funny No! Maybe you just want to be condescending about it and make them uncomfortable. Clap, laugh, nod like you’re actually listening, or just question the people who request the most menial of tasks.

Maybe just a No! won’t cut it. Charge it up and send them flying with a even more powerful NO! Then again, you don’t have to say No! to everything. Occasionally you’ll get Pink questions, which if you let the timer for those run out, you’re given an alternate path. Maybe someone just really wants to open up to you, or just show off a videogame. Just because you can finally say No! doesn’t mean you need to be a jerk. You’ll get lots of new friends at work and they’ll soon learn to use the magic word too.

While Say No! More has default characters to pick from, you can create your own. Body times, lots of hair (and colors), voices, clothes. Even the language you speak. Want to just scream NEIN! or いいえ or even нет. Feel free, it’s just as powerful regardless of language.

Say No! More has a an artstyle I am in love with. I’ve always adored how the Mega Man Legends games look, and Say No! More emulates it near perfectly on modern hardware. There’s something endearing about having sprites for the face and it’s animations. I wish so much that more games would try this artstyle, it’s timeless and why the Legends games look good to this day, especially compared to it’s contemporaries.

A simple game, and also an easy game. All you do is say No!, but the game is funny and there’s plenty of ways to do it. The game looks gorgeous and while I wouldn’t say the voice acting is top of the line due to many of the voice actors not having English as a first language, it’s charming.


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