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[Review] Arrog – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak May15,2021
Developed By: Hermanos Magia, LEAP Game Studios
Published By: indienova
Categories: Puzzle, Narrative
Release Date: 11.26.20

It’s really hard to put down my feelings for Arrog. There are things I really did love about the game. But then it’s hampered down by the flaws that it has.

I felt the game was too short, but it’s advertised as being around a half an hour of story. It’s not like I was duped as I knew what to get into, yet, I felt like it ended too soon. Or just had more puzzles.

Arrog can be considered a puzzle game, but puzzles were all far too easy. Most of them are just fitting lines into place. I finally get to a nice Simon Says-esque music based riddle, but jokes on me, that was the end of the game. It was also the only time the game had any color.

Arrog is about a man accepting his death, as such the game is a bit somber, with a dark, depressing artstyle. It’s a pretty game with an artstyle that does fit the mood. When it starts to brighten up, you do get the color I mentioned before. There’s a sketchiness that feels dreamlike, which again fits in well with the game and narrative.

The game starts with it telling you a proper experience is with headphones, which I followed, but I almost regretted doing so. The game has great sound design when it’s meant to. Otherwise, it almost sounds like the audio is going to blow out both my headphones and Switch’s speakers. It was so crackly and muffled at times.

I got what Arrog was going for and I liked what it attempted, but it wasn’t for me. For every step forward, there was another back. It’s narrative is great, but the game ends almost prematurely. The sound design is fantastic, but the Switch seemingly cannot handle it.


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