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[Review] Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: iLLOGIKA
Published By: Tilting Point
Categories: Kitchen Simulator
Release Date: 04.29.21

I’ve always been in support to porting mobile games to the Nintendo Switch. The touch screen makes it a perfect match. In addition, some games really could use the buttons as opposed to just a digital control method. Unfortunately, games often don’t do this right. Not exactly taking advantage of the fact you’re now on a console and that you paid for the game. Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off does it right! And just by removing the stamina system.

I do have a few issues with Krusty Cook-Off however, so lets get those out of the way right now. First, there is no touch screen control. The game functions just find without it, well even, but it seems like such an odd thing to not include. In addition to that, there is no voice acting, even small voice bits in cutscenes or gameplay. Art is all rather highres, but cutscenes feel cheap with the lack of voice acting and heavy reuse of animations.

There’s barely a story in the game, but the general theme seems to be that Mr Krabs comes to the revelation that more money is to be earned in ventures outside of Krabby Patties, so he has Spongebob set up a Pancake stand, and that’s how our story begins. Don’t worry, you’ll cook burgers and much more later on, but for now we have out first level, our tutorial.

Krusty Cook-Off is one of those kitchen simulators you see on mobile platforms. A customer asks for something, you prepare it and send it out. Not everyone likes their pancakes or burgers the same way though. Some folk like them plain (me included), some like a bit of everything. The game, and each level starts out simple. There’s few ingredients to ease you in, more added around the time a new story beat pops up. Like in life, some customers are really hungry, so you’ll have to prepare more food at once. Maybe multiples of the same, maybe include a drink, maybe add a a side.

This all might come off as overwhelming? Time to upgrade your kitchen then with money earned from sales and tips! Add more drink dispensers, add more grills, more plates. You can upgrade your ingredients to earn more money per sale. More money means more upgrades! Add things to your restaurant, change the tables, and floor, chairs, etc…Doing this can make your tips better. You perform fast enough to deserve a tip, right?

There’s quite the extensive achievement list in Krusty Cook-Off. It’s mostly just to check off you doing as much work as possible, but also has a second use. You get tickets from it, which can then be used for on a claw machine. The claw machine is used to unlock new outfits and accessories for the Spongebob and crew. You *can* use coins to buy these outfits, but it’s often better to use the coins elsewhere. Getting enough tips can also get you more tickets, giving more reason to upgrade.

There is an option to buy new outfits with actual money, but as of writing this review, there is nothing to purchase.

The elephant in the room is the price point for Krusty Cook-Off, being $30. Considering that microtransactions and ads, as well as a stamina system are non-existent, this isn’t as hard of a blow as it could be. That said, that’s a big price for what is otherwise free if you can put up with those previously mentioned issues. Krusty Cook-Off is a fun, simple mobile game, especially when the moneygrubbing mechanics of mobile games are removed. I’d personally wait for a sale though, as for $30, you’re not getting a particular good looking or deep game.


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