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[Review] Sunblaze – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Jul21,2021
Developed By: Games From Earth
Published By: Bonus Stage Limited
Categories: Puzzle Platformer
Release Date: 06.03.21

A challenging puzzle/precision platformer with a cute protagonist and a side character that throws endless dad jokes? Sunblaze sure sounds up my alley!

In Sunblaze, you play as Josie, or her superhero alter ego, Sunblaze. A superhero in training rather, Josie is tasked to work in her father, a retired superhero’s training rooms, much like ones seen in Xmen. While at first, it’s just fun and games, the room eventually has mind of it’s own and traps Josie into doing more and more challenges, she needed the exercise anyway.

Spikes, bottomless pits, lasers, big blocks, everything is out to kill Josie in these rooms. With quick wits she’ll be able to maneuver to safety in each level. Without it…well, lets say there’s gonna be a lot of bloodstains on the wall. Sunblaze is definitely a hard game, and I can imagine you’ll get stuck at times. This is elevated in certain stages that have you getting these computer parts, meaning your path to the end might need a few detours our a change in plans. Going even further, getting all of these in each world gets you hard mode levels.

What initially drew me in to Sunblaze was it’s cute artstyle. The rooms all end up just kinda blending in with eachother, but the spritework, especially in Josie’s is cute. Not the biggest fan of seeing her splat, but that can be turned off anyway.

Now what makes Sunblaze truly stand out is how accessible it is, to really anyone. Yes, it’s a hard game that is open for anyone to play it and doesn’t feel the need to make this a pride or measuring game. Don’t like the way ANYTHING kills you? Turn it off. Turn on infinite jumps if the double jump doesn’t cut it or infinite dashes. If you don’t want to go that crazy, just make your jumps higher. Much like savestates or rewind features, the temptation might be too much to handle, but I implore you at least attempt levels before going full superhero on them. Those hard mode levels baffle me however.

I suppose you could call Sunblaze a learning game for people wanting to get more interested in these more difficult kind of platformers. While your time and deaths can be counted, that can always be turned off. Consider it a judge free zone. Definite recommendation.


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