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[Review] Super Magbot – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Jul28,2021
Developed By: Astral Pixel
Published By: Team17
Categories: Platformer
Release Date: 06.22.21

You understand how magnets work, right? Red is attracted to Blue. But when Red going to Red, it repels. Great, now that we have that out of the way, lets discuss Super Magbot, a platformer all about using the power of magnets.

The first thing that came to mind to me was a game that was on the Dreamcast called Super Magnetic Neo. Another platformer that’s controlled with magnets. It’s a novel idea, even two decades later. Magbot is a 2D adventure though and outside of running, those magnets are your only way to get around. Need to jump? Then use the same color as that block you’re on. Need to get pulled in, use the opposite. So lets mix this with a twitch, precision based platformer.

It’s not just going level to level. You can do that and you’ll do just fine for the most part, but you’ll also want to collect these Star Fragments you find in each level. These not only add an extra layer of challenge to some levels, but they also unlock extra levels, harder levels, if every fragment in a world is collection. Get them all and something even better happens. The main game itself is no pushover, especially when trying to get the Star Fragments, and that goes double for the Star Fragments in bonus levels.

Despite the fact that each level records your time and deaths, at no point did I ever feel I was pressured to rush myself. The game logs it as a personal best kind of thing, but you aren’t graded by it. Just try your best.

Super Magbot gives off a real good Sega Genesis feel with how it presents itself. As someone who grew up with the Genesis, man does it hit me right in the nostalgia. Just in the right way. The music is a great fit for the game too, but the fact it doesn’t pause when you pause is a tad distracting.

I’ve been playing a lot of precision platformers on Switch lately, but none of them use magnets as a mechanic, so this pulls me in and makes Super Magbot stand out.


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