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[Review] Foodtruck Arena – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Sep13,2021
Developed By: Cat-astophe Games
Published By: Ultimate Games
Categories: Driving, Soccer, Party
Release Date: 07.02.21

Foodtruck Arena is like a smaller scale Rocket League. A food truck styled fighting game with soccer goals. Sounds good, right?

Well…kind of. It’s a creative game full of lore and I absolutely love the designs of each character and their vehicle. It’s diverse in the best possible way. However, the game is unpolished. Really unpolished.

Where do we start? On paper, a one on one truck based soccer game sounds great. Add some powerups and boosting, and it can be a little crazy. Up front, the controls are not the best. I’m aware and fine with the top down driving controls being tank like, as many a racers do that. Foodtruck Arena is not a racer, and you will constantly need to do quick turns, back and forth, back and forth. Adding on to that, tipping over is a mechanic. You’ll get knocked over, which feels awful and it doesn’t quick feel better to try and get back up. Trying to keep the ball infront of your truck when the controls don’t feel good isn’t exactly pleasant either.

Ok, so I’ve gotten used to the controls, somewhat. Too bad the game is buggy. I got to a point where I was doing pretty well in a match, and then either my truck would just drop away or for reasons unknown the camera just ended up drifting away, deep under the arena, making the game unplayable. Thus forcing me to restart a match I almost though was luck based. Hope long load times don’t bother you.

I really wanted to like this game, I tried to push myself into it as there’s plenty *to* like about it. I just wasn’t enjoying what I was given. Once I started enjoying it, it would bug out and then make the entire experience unenjoyable. I’d be much willing to play it if given a nice polish. Is this not an issue on PC? Perhaps I might be missing the point, and how much of a mess a match can get is more of a spectacle for multiplayer, which can go up to four players. If a game demands friends to get enjoyment though, it’s really hard to recommend.


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*Game Download Code graciously supplied for the purpose of review

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