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[Review] Indigo 7 Quest for Love – Nintendo Switch

Developed and Published By: Dolores Entertainment
Categories: Puzzle, Party
Release Date: 07.08.21

Indigo 7 is an interesting case. It’s a music themed, party puzzle game, all about taking over as much of the playing field as you can.

Green, Red, Orange, Yellow. You see those hexagons? Try and fill up and take over the playing field matching each color without having your stereo’s battery dying on you. You’re going to want to build a combo, which is honestly trickier than you’d think. Combos can be started by matching at least three hexagons, if your next match is larger, the combo gets higher and higher, with better multiplayers. If it’s lower, even by one, your combo drops. This can be a bit frustrating as the hexagon placement is randomized. So say if your luck is just godawful and you start poorly or just have wretched luck with big clumps or lines of hexagons, you’re going to not have a great time in a specific mode I’ll mention later.

As this is a party game, there’s lots of modes to play. Playing the single player story mode will act as a good introduction to these modes, while having a nice cast of characters, even if I cannot stand the main character. Lets get my least favorite mode out of the way first, Vs mode. You’d assume at first that the goal is to be the fastest to fill up your playing field, before the opponent. This is only one part, as even if you “win” all five rounds of this, you can still lose if you’re not on the good side of luck when it comes to combos. You can’t just rush, or else your amp will run out of power, and then you’ll automatically lose that round. It’s really frustrating.

There are other modes where you need to get as much of the playing field with as few moves as possible, great. Ones where everyone shares a field and tries to get more control, also great. I feel like these are less stressful, more thought focused challenges. I hate being pressured in games, regardless of the genre, and despite performing well in one way in Vs, you can still fail if you’re unlucky enough to not get good chains and combos.

Lets get this out of the way, I cannot stand the main character Nathan. At all. Every character is a bit of an er…character, but I wasn’t quite annoyed by them as I was Nathan. Nathan really wants love, and is so noisy about it, he’s noisy in general really. I did however want to see him succeed in his love quest, so maybe he’s not that annoying.

This is a good time to mention that Indigo 7 has a lot of voice acting, which is always great to hear. It’s pretty good voice acting on top of that. You’ll hear it a lot, and in gameplay it can get repetitive, but it is good for letting you know you bundled a combo. Audio in the game is pretty good as a whole, which I’d honestly hope for games that are very much music themed. The music does not disappoint.

I did run into a rather nasty bug that softlocks the game if you pause during a countdown, but otherwise the game seemed relatively bug free. Pausing during the short break between rounds seems like a good idea, so I’d hope this gets patched.

Seeing as this is a party game, you’re bound to have the most fun playing with others. I feel when the games aren’t keeping you from seeing more of the story, it’s a much more fun and stress free experience, and I had a blast playing with a few people. The issues like odd scoring alone become ways to make multiplayer more chaotic, much like Mario Party.


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