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[Review] Darius Cozmic Revelation – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Oct1,2021
Developed By: Taito (Original G DARIUS and Sagaia), M2 (G DARIUS HD and Sagaia port), Pyramid (DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+)
Published By: Taito (Japan), Strictly Limited (West)
Categories: Retro, Compilation, Shmup
Release Date: 02.25.21 (Japanese release)

I love the Darius series. This should be fairly obvious to anyone who read my reviews for the two Cozmic Collection releases last year. I found that some people were in dismay over the lack of 3D or modern Darius games in the Cozmic Collections. As a fan of retro compilations this didn’t bother me. This was remedied however when Taito announced Cozmic Revelation, which would hold G DARIUS and DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+. Not only that, but an HD remaster of G DARIUS would also be included.

M2 returns after working on the Cozmic Collection releases to head development of G DARIUS HD with Pyramid porting DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+. Bringing home exclusive events for the first time. This is what you get in the Japanese release. Strictly Limited Games’ Western release also has the Gameboy Sagaia. Sagaia GB was previously exclusive to Amazon Prime Day preorders for Cozmic Collection in Japan.


For my thoughts on G DARIUS

DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+

For my thoughts on DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+


Now, this one is more of a bonus game, but the last game in the western Cozmic Revelation is Sagaia on the Gameboy! Despite the name, it’s actually a newish game, a remix of Darius 1 and 2 and also only came out in Japan initially. Gone are branching pathes, with Sagaia you’re on a set road. I want to label this game off as a curio, much like Sagaia on Master System, but it’s honestly a fantastic shmup for the Gameboy. The lack of color can be a little odd for when powerups can be picked up, but if you’re like me you’ll pick up every powerup you find anyway.

It runs well and the boss sprites are impressive in size. You would think that being an early release for the Gameboy, it’d have issues, especially in terms of screen crunch, but everything seems balanced to combat this. I didn’t notice any flickering either when playing. The decent remixes to fit for the Gameboy aren’t slouching either. Was always a fan of how Gameboy music sounds. Lastly, I love how cards for the bosses and stage ends slide into frame with your ship still on screen. This is far from the best Darius game, and might be the least advanced in looks, but damn does it make me wish we got this in America back in the day.

The emulation menus are in Japanese, but thankfully a translated pdf has been released.

A Revelation in Compilations

Darius Cozmic Revelation is another fantastic release by Taito, and by it’s western partners at Strictly Limited and ININ. Cosmic Collection, being developed entirely by M2 had it’s on consistency, but Revelation lacks this. G DARIUS is by M2 and includes the ShoTriggers gadgets. DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+ is by Pyramid and is a straight arcade port. Sagaia still has Cozmic Collection as it’s backdrop and the system menus are all in Japanese still. Each game also has it’s own launcher. I can hardly complain since Sagaia was digital only in Japan and G DARIUS isn’t coming to the west at all outside of this collection. Update: As of the time of this review, ININ has released G DARIUS in the west digitally and will release physically in the future.

I’m perfectly happy with what we got, but I’d have loved if Taito had decided to give people a re-release of Metal Black or Syvalion just to complete the Darius series. Maybe in the future if I complain hard enough. Outside of the amazing G DARIUS and Strictly Limited pulling through to get Sagaia over here, there’s little intrinsic value to Cozmic Revelation. I whole heartedly recommend buying it either way. Playing any of these games any way you can, but it’s not mindblowing to me like either Cozmic Collection was.

There is a nice handful of ways to play this Cozmic Revelation or the games within however. DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+ has a retail and eshop release in the west from ININ Games with G DARIUS getting going physical in the near future. Japan has Cozmic Revelation physically and both G DARIUS as well as DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+ alone on the eshop as of this review. Buying either game if you want just one. Strictly Limited’s physical release is the best way to go with all three games physically. Limited is the name however, so act fast.


Buy Now: $71.99 Standard SLG – $166.99 Limited SLG – ¥6,318 Japan






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