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[Review] Circa Infinity – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Kenny Sun
Published By: RedDeerGames
Categories: Platformer
Release Date: 11.08.21

Circa Infinity has one goal. Get to the center. Just go deeper and deeper and not die.

Style is overflowing in Circa Infinity. While…everything about the same is simple, it’s not simple to the extent of being boring. It’s simple in the way a well designed silhouette can be familiar. Black, White, Red. It’s all you’ll see, get familiar. It’s almost…hypnotizing. Despite simple sprites however, animation is rather good, giving me some GBA vibes. Or rather something you might see on DSiWare.

See that wedge in the circle? Jump into it, you’ll go inside the circle. Then jump into the next circle as it moves around. That’ll send you deeper. Watch out for those monsters though, get hit and you’re flying back. Keep going. Deeper, deeper, deeper. Find the portal and jump in. Repeat this. You’ll have half a dozen worlds to play, with the end being a boss fight. These boss fights are tricky, with one hit sending you back to the beginning. The boss fights test your skills in doing some trick jumps, or seeing if you can slide under enemies to line up. After the boss, you get to a new world, a new character, and best of all, new music!

Circa Infinity looks simple, it plays simple, but it’s incredibly addicting, like a classic arcade game. I would say though, this is the kind of game to play in short bursts. The music while good does repeat. The game can get very, very repetitive if you just try to plow through it. Instead, take your time, play a few stages a day.


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