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[Review] Creepy Tale 2 – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Creepy Brothers (formerly Deqaf)
Published By: No Gravity Games
Categories: Adventure, Horror
Release Date: 10.07.21

I reviewed the first Creepy Tale around this time last year. I did not like it very much. It was too short, and very basic and honestly, just left me wanting more. We’re now a year out and the sequel is out…and boy is it a step up.

First up, presentation is leagues above. There’s voice acting now! That is to say, there’s also dialog now, and plenty of it. You meet characters that you speak with. It is a bit obvious that English isn’t the first language of these voice actors, but it’s not bad or anything to the point of detracting from the game. The story is more upfront in the game than it was in the first game, and it might even explain a few things about the first game too, if you played it.

The story seemingly builds upon what happened in the first game. A family member is taken from you. With the first game, it was the lead’s brother. For this game, we start just with our lead’s family. He has a father and a sister. After helping both of them with a problem a chore, he goes to take a nap, soon waken up by an attack at his house! His sister has been kidnapped and coerced by this strange little girl into doing her bidding…she looks a bit familiar.

Creepy Tale 2 is again, an adventure game full of puzzles. The puzzles didn’t come off as too easy or too hard for me as long as I gave them a decent look. That said, there is a bit of a difficulty that wasn’t there with how the first game worked. 1 was pure 2D, while 2 has a bit more of a 3D or open play field, allowing you to move up and down in areas as well as left to right. The difficulty comes with some things you’ll need to examine being hidden by the foreground or not immediately obvious. This does incentivize walking everywhere at least.

Music is once again sparse. The game has a much stronger atmosphere this time around. However, the game, has a bit of a cheapness to it in the animations again. They all seem to be rig based, which I’m not particularly a fan of. That said, characters and the environment are much, much more detailed.

It really does go without saying, that Creepy Tale 2 is an improvement in every way possible and this makes me glad that the developers could and would listen to criticism of the first game. It feels more like a proper, horror themed adventure game. I’m glad I played this sequel and want to see more. I wanted to see more after the first game, but that was because it felt undercooked, this time is because I enjoyed the game.


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