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[Review] KungFu Kickball – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: WhaleFood Games
Published By: Blowfish Studios
Categories: Fighting, Sports
Release Date: 02.10.22

Shame on me, shame on me for having low expectations from the game’s icon. Upon diving in, I was greeted by fun animation that really sets in stone what the game is going to be. Now I’m excited to really get into KungFu Kickball.

The name “KungFu Kickball” explains everything you need to know. Two goals, two teams, lots of kung fu. It sounds simple and it is, very simple. However, I found myself having an absolute blast playing this game, especially when playing with friends and co-workers. First, lets pick a team, red or blue. Then, we’ll pick our character, one of a handful of kung fu archetypes. I picked the one that is an expy of “Sho’nuff” from The Last Dragon, I just had to. Each character has their own moves, a certain feeling of movement, so some might feel heavier and some might feel floaty. I chose the kunoichi character and she was REALLY floaty.

This is a much faster game than I thought it’d be, you really need to be on your toes when playing, which makes it’s snappy controls perfect. You can use buttons and directions, or you can use the right stick to attack, which I found a little quicker when you need to get a specific direction when on the move. You have charge attacks, one in air and one on the ground, which the former I didn’t even realize was a thing until I saw one pulled off. Each of these are unique to a character.

The goal you need to get to is a bell at each side of the arena. Ring the opponents bell, you get a point. You can sometimes even ring your own bell, which nets them a point. Of the nice variety of stages, you have different ways you’ll need to work to get to those bells. My favorite is a cavern with stalagmite that can block the ball out (or in) and you can even break it off.

KungFu Kickball is just OVERFLOWING with charm and character. I mentioned the animated intro, but then the actual sprite work and animation isn’t too shabby either. Even better is how fantastic the music is. It really goes hard and I love it all more for it. This is definitely a “track down later” soundtrack. When those intense battles go on, the music just sweetly compliments it. Performing certain moves, counters, goals, or chains can even have the announcer call it out, which really makes those own goal hits the more devastating.

Yes, it’s a simple game, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t much to do. Offline and online multiplayer, the latter of which worked great. Up to four players, which gets insane. There’s an arcade mode, secret characters, even a target practice, which I admit I am not the best at.

Play this game, grab your friends and play this game. It’s a treat.


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