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[Review] Infernax – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Berzerk Studio
Published By: The Arcade Crew
Categories: Platformer, Adventure
Release Date: 02.14.22

Another retro inspired Metroidvania on Switch? Wait, this one is really cool. Infernax actually has a lot to stand out.

Getting the big one out of the way early, Infernax is bloody. Like really bloody. It gets everywhere, splatters on the ground, on you. This is probably the last kind of game a kid should play with how gruesome it can get. This brings a good opportunity to mention how nice the game sports it’s spritework and animation too. If the flood of red doesn’t bother you much, this is quite the looker.

I wouldn’t say it’s entirely accurate to call this a Metroidvania. I’d say closer to a more open platformer. Like a Monster World game. Stores, villages, lots of NPCs…side quests? It’s a bit dense, which in a game like this is always pleasant. It’s mostly “do this, go here, kill that”, but the rewards are always worth it, with more cash, new abilities, in my opinion, the biggest reward being the exploration. Occasionally you’ll be given choices, moral ones. Sometimes they might come back to bite ya, sometimes not. There are multiple endings.

Infernax is a brutal game at times. Not just in it’s bloody, gutsy presentation, but how punishing the game can get. Enemies can and will definitely hit hard. Fall into water or magma, that’s a life lost. Luckily, it’s not so much a one sided fight against the evils in this world. You can buy potions, new weapons and armor. You’ll get spells to heal you, make your defense stronger, and even some devastating magic spells.

Find holy statues to save your game and upgrade. Strength, health, and more mana to cast more spells. On top of this, you can buy more lives if needed, and since falling into a pit is an instant death, I’d very much recommend this. Without any of this, you die, you come back to that save space, with none of that sweet precious experience, making the grind of leveling up grow longer.

I love a good retro throwback. Ones that remotely accurately emulate how 8 and 16 bit graphics did look even moreso. I’d say Infernax outside of fantastic and animation (and gore) is, would fit right at home on something like the PC Engine. Music has some great chiptunes that do feel at home in a game like this. It shows a level of care and commitment, which I’ll always stand by for.

Also giving that good retro feel. There’s secrets and unlockables. Try some alternate names and see what happens. I guarantee you’ll like it. That’s something I only ever see in indie games anymore. From people who grew up with games that did that. I miss it dearly.

I’ve always enjoyed these more open, exploratory platformers. Not so much the timed, Metroidvania, but the vast Zelda or Monster World type. I liked Infernax, despite difficulty becoming incredibly frustrating at times. This is definitely a game for a niche, but if you fit it, grab it.


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