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[Review] Sockventure – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Nighthouse Games
Published By: Versus Evil
Categories: Platformer
Release Date: 04.14.22

Sockventure perhaps has one of the weakest first impressions I can think of in quite some time. But luckily, it’s not the impression you’ll be getting after playing.

Lets clarify. My first impression with the game was with it’s awful character art. It looks as if you’re watching some low budget youtube-kids video. You start the game as some bald kid going to pick up his socks, and this whole intro is…not good. But as soon as the Washing Machine goes on the fritz are you star the game proper, you’re in for a treat.

Sockventure is a platformer that bares a decent resemblance to a game like Super Meat Boy. It’s twitchy, everything is out to kill you, and it’s fun. The goal? Get all of those socks! On top of being something story wise to grab, each give you a new look, which is fun. Each chapter has their own goals too. Don’t die, beat the chapter quickly, get all of the coins. Occasionally you’ll even get into challenge room like areas to unlock more socks.

The deeper you get in the game, the more abilities you’ll get. Double Jumping is the one I value the most, if only for course correction in my shoddy performance and jumps. Wall grabbing and jumping is especially valuable too. The game thankfully never feels unfair and only brings these new abilities when needed.

There’s a decent number of stages in the game. Over 200 at that! The main story has about 7 chapters, and while if you’re really that good, it won’t take too long, you’ll be relieved to know you can unlock even more, harder levels with the coins you collect. There’s plenty of replayability in Sockventure, and I *want* to get those challenges done, I want to improve my times. The gameplay loop feels good and despite the fact I was stuck on a level for a tad too long trying to grab everything, I wanted to learn how to perfect that level.

I did mention earlier how I wasn’t fond of how the game presented itself in the intro. Despite that, I think the game proper, once you’re in the washing machine, looks just fine. the washing machine is allll screwed up. I’m not sure, but I don’t think it should look that dangerous in one of them. Lasers, spikes, fire. I do like how it does remotely look like it should inside of it though. Each chapter has it’s own unique look to keep the game from getting old fast as well.

Sockventure is a short, sharp platformer. To me, it was a pleasant surprise and had me hooked. I’m glad I didn’t let the less than stellar intro turn me away.


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