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[Review] Galacticon – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Radin Games
Published By: Flynn's Arcade
Categories: Retro, Arcade
Release Date: 05.22.22

Galacticon from Radin Games and Flynn’s Arcade really lives up the name of the publisher. It feels like a classic arcade game and I am in love. Now this is how you do it!

Humans have gone too far. They’re invading and kidnapping everyone! It’s gotten to the point where we need something perhaps too dangerous to use before. The Galacticon. Part God, Part Machine. Our last hope.

It’s hard to properly describe Galacticon. It’s kind of like a mix of Joust and Defender, if that makes sense. Each stage has a single screen with some platforms. You need to rescue twelve aliens to finish this part of the stage. Shoot at whatever tries to stop you. hen once that is accomplished, you’ll need to go back to your space ship. This is a vertically scrolling segment, with you dodging whatever gets in your way. After that, it’s off to another stage.

That sounds really simple doesn’t it? Well, that’s how arcade games used to be. If they’re fun, then who cares if it’s deep or not. It does go a bit deeper though, in this case, with the scoring. The more you rescue at a time, four at max, the more points you get. If you group the aliens in certain ways you’ll get even nicer bonuses. There’s three different types, but to simplify it, Red, Blue, Grey. Say you get all four spaces in a shelter in one color. There’s a big bonus. Two of each? Slightly less big bonus. Don’t do two or three on singles though, someone is gonna die.

On top of bonuses, this does add a layer of difficulty to the game. Trying not to get anyone killed, trying to get only specifics. It really can get tricky and hectic. I’ll admit, I’m trash at this game too, I’ll usually make it to the third stage, and I get a game over. Can’t credit feed this one! Luckily, the game does work with you a big. The aliens you save? They can act as shields. You can also find some powerups, with my favorite being one that makes your laser that is normally one way shoot out both sides.

So does this even mean anything, is the game even any good? Oh you betcha! It just feels so smooth and satisfying. Controls are quick and responsive. Levels can end up feeling samey, but damn is it fun. This would have been a killer game in the arcade back in the day. It even has secrets, which I’m going to have to track down. Even with me being awful, I’m going to replay this game. A lot.

Galacticon even had some really nice, colorful spritework too. Everything is recognizable and jumps out. Smooth controls, smooth art, it’s all good. The music is pretty catchy too. All those old arcade games had good music.

Think you’re hot stuff though? After the end of a run you get a QR Code, go scan that and upload your score for everyone to see. There’s even something you might be interested in for doing so… I’m sure I won’t get near the top, but I challenge anyone reading this review who’ll grab the game to try. The game is sure fun enough to try.


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