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[Review] Red Wings: American Aces – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Ironbird Creations
Published By: All In Games 
Categories: Flying, Shooter 
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I really need to play more games that let you control fighter pilots. Especially old-timey ones. I am in love with Red Wings: American Aces.

Ready for some good ol’ fashion patriotism? It’s time for war and time to shoot down the enemy pilots. The story isn’t too prominent and isn’t exactly deep, but it really does nail down that feel they’re going for. Honestly, it’s not why I’m here, it’s the fun dogfighting you do up in the skies.

It’s simple. Fly, shoot, dodge, don’t die. You have a few abilities to help you with this. Barrel Rolls are used to temporarily dodge incoming fire, but can also be used offensively…I’ll let you figure out that one, but it’s satisfying. Need a little help, then bring in a squadron to shoot extra bullets at a target, or two, or three or even four. Quick Comebacks are a great way to get the guys behind you and it’s much easier than manually turning around. Last is a Fatal Takedown. This last one is mostly for showing off. When an enemy is near death, you can employ this move for a nice cinematic takedown.

Each level has had a goal, whether it be taking down everyone, surviving a few minutes, defending objects, or even a few runs through fuel rings. On top of that, you can get graded from 1 to 3 stars. These are important.

The stars can be used for the Skill Tree. Wanna make those abilities have less cool down or some secondary effects like healing you? Here’s the place. You can even use those stars to make your bullets stronger or make overheating less an issue. Yeah, your gun can overheat, so don’t just shoot aimlessly. There’s even stuff like making clouds no longer a visibility issue or giving you more fuel.

Red Wings is a hard game. If you want to get 3 stars first try, you’re gonna have a bad time. But the game is very much designed for multiple playthroughs. It even encourages saving up the stars you get from level to level to try and get better scores and more stars in those tricky levels.

There’s a decent chunk of unlockables too. From new planes with different stats to fit your needs level to level to new skins. Some are unlocked just through progression, but others are unlocked by being an ace pilot in specific levels. Easier said than done, but some of those skins are pretty nice looking.

That’s single player, but you can also do all of this with friends. Local or online. Nintendo should really put online in the next Star Fox, because online dogfights is great. If a game is good, it gets even better with others and this is totally the case. Unfortunately…in my attempts, I was unsuccessful getting online players.

If you’re looking for a fun, more arcadey kind of piloting game, Red Wings is definitely worth your time and has lots to give for the players willing to dig in.


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