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[Review] Kid Ball Adventure – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Sep21,2022
Developed By: SpoonBOX Studio
Published By: Eastasiasoft, Ratalaika Games
Categories: Platformer
Release Date: 08.24.22

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bounce, bounce, bounce. Bounce to get gems, bounce away from obstacles, and bounce into keys, and bounce to the goal. In Kid Ball Adventure, you bounce a lot.

Kid Ball Adventure is somewhat of a precision/twitch platformer. It’s pretty slow paced though, and not timed. The real goal is just getting to the end of each stage. You just bounce everywhere, automatically at that. This is the main thing to get around in Kid Ball Adventure, since you cannot control how you bounce, only where. Timing, timing, timing is the key. Starts off easy enough, but can end up getting really tricky, especially getting every gem in a level or not dying once in a level. At room you get a boss, but the boss wasn’t really that fun.

Fret not however, you get an extra life every ten gems you get! In addition to that, you get a checkpoint every five levels. So say you get a game over or just need to shut off the game. You can return to it at any time. Excuse me for doing this to try and redo my errors.

If you don’t want to just to the normal levels, you can do a time trial run. Just standard time trials are fine enough, but how about a no death mode? Or one where you’re moving at extreme speed! It’s sure to spice up how the game plays.

The style of Kid Ball Adventure is very very basic, but I do like the sprites. The environments, consisting of castle and dungeons The music on the otherhand is just basic. It’s fine, nothing offensive. It works.

I like Kid Ball Adventure, but I do wish it was a bit more. The story is just a kidnapping rescue story, even the twist after a certain stage, it’s still just kind of the same. That said, for what you’re paying, it’s sufficiently adequate and I won’t say I didn’t actually want to get further and further, because I definitely did.


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