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[Review] RITE – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Sep14,2022
Developed and Published By: Pond Games
Categories: Platformer
Release Date: 08.23.22

Games like RITE just keep reminding me how much I actually love the more twitch focused kind of platformers we have nowadays. Sure, there’s a whole lot, especially on Switch, but it’s always the best kind of game to get those quick moments to get endorphins to your brain.

RITE to me is a killer bite sized game. It’s simple. A level based platformer. You need to grab the key, then get to the goal. Don’t die. Inside of levels you can and definitely should collect gold too. Run, jump, wall jump, and slide. It’s a simple control scheme for a simple game. The levels have some clever designs and when I read the level names and then looked at the whole stage it’d get a smirk out of me. Not much more to say. You’ll be timed, your deaths and what kind will be tracked, but ignore that. Have fun.

The look of RITE is that of ancient temples, so lots of blocks…and not much else. You go to different worlds as you proceed in the game, but it’s more of the same with different colors. Not ugly in the least, in fact the sprites are great. Music was surprisingly good too, which I feel might get a little too much for how the game is otherwise.

RITE is a bit small, not deep at all, but it’s a cheap game at under $10. Definitely worth your time and money. Especially if you’re a fan of games like Super Meat Boy and Celeste. Something to consider too, this was made all by a single person. Pretty impressive.


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