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[Review] Pupperazzi – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Apr11,2023
Developed By: Sundae Month
Published By: Kitfox Games
Categories: Photography
Release Date: 04.06.23

It’s perfect, the perfect type of game. A game where you take photos of dogs. And that’s about it.

Pupperazzi is a joy. It’s one of the least stressful games I have ever played. You just take photos of dogs. All sorts of dogs. Fill your Puppypedia with every dog you can find! If you do need structure, there are tasks you’re asked to do. Maybe take a picture of a dog near a specific landmark. Or perhaps take a picture of a dog doing an action. Maybe just pick up trash and take a picture of proof. Doing all of a set of goals can bring you to a new part of town. Buppy Boardwalk is the absolute best name.

Doing these can get you currency for the shop in where you can buy some stuff to play with the dogs with! Doing every one of these can also open up new places to go with new doggos! There’s a dachshund skateboarding and he has a cute little helmet!

Doing things, getting money, these all can also new parts for your camera like stuff for selfies, new lenses, or filters. Get all artsty with it. Or just take more photos, do what you want. You might be interested in getting followers online, so why not upload those photos? Don’t just post the same image again and again, spice it up. Don’t just spam images, people hate that.

Yes. You can pet the dog. PET ALL OF THE DOGS.

It’s soft, it’s colorful, the music is soothing. The dogs all look fantastic…humans less so, but who cares about them, I WANNA LOOK AT THE BUPPIES. Again, this game is unbelievably relaxing. There might be one thing that could bother people, with how you’ll see moving cars in some stages. No matter, turn that off. None of the dogs will get hit regardless, but this is still something that can definitely help with some players and I applaud this option.

Do I have to say something bad about Pupperazzi? Well, it takes quite a bit to first load up the game. I for a minute thought the game may have crashed at first, but nope. I think the framerate can get a little low sometimes too, but that one personally doesn’t bother me at all, it’s just something I noticed.

Otherwise? Love Pupperazzi. I don’t get to just enjoy games like this often. Stress free. Easy-going goals. Lots and lots of puppers. There very much is a plot to this game, but I sorta just got so engrossed in just the photography I forgot. Cat CEOs do suck though.


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*Game Download Code graciously provided for the purpose of review

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