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[News] Eschatos Physical Release by Strictly Limited Games

By Elly Oak May20,2023

Strictly Limited Games seem to have quite the knack for re-releasing older, maybe lost or obscure games. It’s something I’m sure many a retro game fan is a fan of, myself included. This time they are partnering with Qute to bring the once Japanese only Xbox 360 shmup, Eschatos to a physical worldwide release. Now with extras!

Eschatos, despite being a relatively modern shmup, it harkens back to that old-school feel that you’d get in an older arcade title. It’s simple. Shoot, move and try not to die. You can do more though, on top of the straight laser shot and a spread shot, you can defend with a sheild. You might want to, since bullets can and will spread all over the playfield. If Standard isn’t enough, there’s the remixed Advanced or Time Attack modes, which grant different powerups.

Eschatos also comes with two of Qute’s previous titles. The two Wonderswan games, Judgement Silversword and Cardinal Sins. Wonderswan games are almost always forgotten, so them being included, especially physically is something to be look out for.

As always, Strictly Limited Games has the kind of extras you’d be looking out for. A physical soundtrack which includes arranged tracks, in addition to unreleased tracks for Judgement Silversword. The music by Yousuke Yasui, who’s work you may recognize if you’ve played games from the developer Eighting. As always, a manual is included, an inclusion often lost to the wind in modern times. Also included are instruction or manual type desk pads and a mosaic poster, which can be one big image or four smaller ones on the reverse. The highlight comes with a miniature replication box and cartridge stickers styled in the format of a Wonder Swan release.

You can grab two editions of the game the standard Limited Edition priced at $29.99, which includes all three games and the manual. And then the Collector’s Edition priced at $69.99, which if you want that soundtrack, is the way to get it, in addition to all of the other extras.

Preorders start on May 21st at 11AM EST and they’re limited with 2600 for the Limited and 1400 for the Collector’s, so you might want to act fast. You can find these, in addition to an art card via the Strictly Limited Games website, linked below.

Limited Edition
Collector’s Edition

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