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[Review] Alien Hominid HD – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Dec2,2023
Developed and Published By: The Behemoth
Categories: Platformer, Shooter
Release Date: 10.31.23
Price: $11.99

I told you that this topic was for another review! And now you’re stuck reading another one. Good thing this is also for a good game, and also Alien Hominid related. The flash game on Newgrounds may be memorable, but how many people actual recall the console ports? Well, port is a poor term. They’re more like the complete product while in the flash game is in the dev’s own words, a prototype. 19 years later, we have a widespread HD release of this game. And good lord am I awful at it. Cataclysmically bad.

Run, dig, shoot, jump, chomp. Don’t die. You’ve crash landed, it’s time to go home. Not if the feds have anything to do with it. They will try their hardest to stop you too. Probably doing more chaos than you honestly. Like any old arcade-like shooter, one hit and you’re out. Unless you get a shield that is, which often comes with a new gun that can shoot for the lack of words better. You’re fragile though, just a previous tiny alien who’s probably unbearably hungry, so be careful.

Alien Hominid is hard, but is the furthest from unforgiving as can be. If you can reach even part of a level and get a game over, you can restart from there. While you can use this to just piece by piece advance the game, try using this to practice the part and bosses really giving you trouble. Stage 2 and it’s boss are still by far the worst part of the game. And also, if you miss certain buildings to destroy for new hats, maybe go back and do those.

This game can also be played with a friend. It’ll make the experience better. Well outside of Stage 2. It’s still awful, and probably worse. Though the levels in the ships are always better, if only for player one driving and player two shooting. You can always just play minigames with your friends anyway.

Final Thoughts

I’m finally gonna beat it this time. Maybe. Please for the love of god.

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