Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Evoland 10th Anniversary Edition is Coming Soon and is Perfect for Fans

Evoland, the video game history themed RPG from Shiro Games was first launched in April 2023. The Steam version racked up a decent amount of sales before it’s successor Evoland 2 was released two years later. In 2019 the Switch version of both games were released in a bundle called Evoland Legendary Edition. We’re not here to talk about the games themselves, you can read our review of them here. Today we’re talking about the cool new Limited Edition of the game that will be releasing in a few days.

Since the first game was released in 2013, 2013 marks it’s 10th anniversary and with that comes a new physical release with a bunch of cool goodies that any fan of the series would want to get their hands on. Evoland [10th Anniversary Edition] is releasing on December 29th and you can order a copy from playasia for $79.99.

The contents of the 10th Anniversary Edition come displayed in a very special treasure chest shaped box that include the game, four collectible coins, a postcard, a download code for the soundtrack, and stickers. If you’ve played the games before and liked them or are looking to get them for the first time, the 10th Anniversary Edition is the perfect end of the year purchase.

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