Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

[Review] Hello Kitty and Friends Happiness Parade – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Dabadu
Published By: Rogue Games
Categories: Rhythm
Release Date: 05.25.23
Price: $19.99

Why yes! The Switch Effect is going to cover some licensed games. And yes, even a Hello Kitty one! I like Hello Kitty and Sanrio. Thus leading me to finding myself joining the Happiness Parade. Wait, I can’t march I don’t have any coordination!

I hope the fact I said march hints that Happiness Parade is a rhythm game. It’s a remarkably simple one too. It’s gameplay consists with tapping a button to the beat of a song to keep the rhythm and parade going. You’ll have to move side to side to avoid obstacles, but this is once again just as easy as pressing a button to the rhythm. If that comes off as too much, there’s even a mode that only requires you dodge obstacles.

Collect everything you see. More points is always good. The coins give you money to use on new clothes for your characters. Cards can be used to unlock or level up your characters. You’re probably going to do a lot of replaying the game if you want Pompompurin to look their best.

Taking inspiration from Taito games of old, you have branching paths for the single player mode. This isn’t just to make the game harder, but also gives you access to different unlocks like songs and friends. Cinnamoroll is the easiest path and will probably be your first ending based unlock, but Kuromi is gonna take a bit more effort and skill.

Each character has their own skill to assist you in play. The previously mentioned Pompompurin, who I like to use up front and center’s ability makes them invulnerable. Just tanking through anything in their way. My Melody however can turn items into hearts to heal. You use three friends, so keep their abilities and stats in mind. Though me personally, I just use whatever characters I like.

There’s optional challenges for more unlocks on top of that. I found myself very much getting into these to see what I’d get and lessening the money grind.

Final Thoughts

Hello Kitty and Friends Happiness Parade is maybe a bit above the typical licensed game you’d see on a store front in terms of what it has going for it. It’s accessible, maybe even insultingly so, but it really hits down the aesthetic, especially with the menus. I can take or leave the music choices, but that’s all subjective. I wish there was multiplayer some how, but it’s nowhere to be seen. Still enjoying myself at least.

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