Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

[Review] Little Kitty Big City – Nintendo Switch

Developed and Published By: Double Dagger Studio
Categories: Platformer, Adventure, ???
Release Date: 05.09.24
Price: $24.99

No hyperbole. Little Kitty Big City cured my depression. Ok, maybe just a little bit of hyperbole. Ok a lot of it. But this game put a special form of happiness inside of me that seems near impossible to replicate. And it’s just a game where you play as a cat.

You were just big eepin’ and you just kinda fall out of your high rise apartment. That crow was convinced you were flying, but it’s definitely more falling in style, in the absolute least graceful way possible. This really is a big city, not terribly far from home, but it just seems so inaccessible. It’s time to do those things many a human envy from felines, and find a way to return home. But before that, BEEEEEEEEG STRETCH.

Like previously mentioned, the goal is to get home. But you’re not going to be doing that right away. There’s lots of vines to climb to get up high, but you’re all tuckered out. I think maybe eating some fish would help with that, food usually helps me get energy. Early on you might have to buy it with little shiny bits you find or get from being a proper recycling citizen. You might just steal it from a fisherman or market. Listen, they didn’t need it anyway, it’s a victimless crime. It might be in your best interest to talk to the other animals around town too. That raccoon knows of a good way to get around town fast. How is he making those portals anyway with feathers?

On the odd occasion, you’ll even get side quests. Help that doggo get his favorite tennis balls! Bring those duckies home! Play with your newly found…and coated in cement smart phone! It’ll be worth your time, especially if you need to give yourself a corn hat. There’s so many hats, I need them all.

If that all doesn’t sound like the cool thing to do. Just be a cat. Just rub up on everyone you see, trip them and steal their bagel. Pounce on birds for their feathers! Also included is a slowmo effect when you do it! Knock things off shelves, walk around with fruit. Knead dough, stretch, just take a nap. Meow. Mrrrow. Mew.

Final Thoughts

I can’t help but give the absolute biggest smile while playing. I’m constantly cheesing. I was never much a cat person growing up, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s been a thing. Must be the toxoplasmosis. Wait, is this gaming doing this too? Oh god, send help.

But seriously. Little Kitty Big City is just such a charming game. It’s not just one of those “___ simulator” games where the funky physics are the point. It’s a functional 3D platformer/collecting title(I actually have no idea what genre this would be) that has you playing as a kitty. One where you can wear hats and just be a general menace. And while that isn’t usually my kind of game, I’m in love. It’s not terribly long, but it doesn’t feel like it’s too short either. The perfect kind of weekend game and the perfect of game to show your cat obsessed friends. Play this.

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