Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

[Review] Shockman 3 – Nintendo Switch

Developed and Published By: Ratalaika Games
Categories: Platformer, Retro
Release Date: 05.03.24
Price: $5.99

Its here, another Shockman game ported to the Nintendo Switch by the lovely developers at Ratalaika. Despite the quality of these games being…cloudy, I was ecstatic to actually play through them, especially the previously unreleased in the west titles. And with Shockman 3, we’re at another game that never got to get widespread and global play. And it might be the best one yet, though it’s not without it’s own issues.

Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The Princess from Another World has the luck of being a PC Engine CD title. This meaning that we have cutscenes and voice acting. I always fancied the art for these games, so having a bit more anime in my anime inspired games is a plus. Much like Shockman 2, there’s also cooperative play. Last of the things I have to praise the game proper with, it definitely does feel a bit more well put together, though this isn’t a particularly high bar with the other two games.

Unless the forth title, the Super Famicom Shockman Zero is any better, Shockman as a whole is a very janky mess of a series. Janky in a way where I feel the developers just weren’t aptly prepared to make these games to the extent they wanted. I like the plots, the art design, sometimes the music. But these games don’t feel the best to play. And Shockman 3 is really no different, very much in thanks to shoddy hitboxes, once again. You’re only going to hit those bosses half the time.

The platforming and graphics aren’t very obvious sore spots anymore, which is something I was pleased with. The platforming being adequate and the graphics actually being genuinely good. It does make me think the developers were finally getting the hang of a few things, but just not quite.

As for the port itself? It’s another Ratalaika joint. Expect what to expect and you will be pleased, or disappointed. Their front ends still bore me, but I do appreciate the gallery.

Final Thoughts

I have to give credit for Ratalaika and their efforts to keep re-releasing so many of these older games. I may have some not so glowing remarks for the Shockman series, but I am happy to see it given a wider release and letting people play these. Deciding for themselves if they like them more than I do. I’m looking forward to Shockman Zero’s port next month and looking forward to more of these ports. Keep ’em coming.

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